Why Voice Tech is About to See Major Love From VCs
Alon Bonder

Thanks Alon Bonder for this great post :)
While working on our voice product here at Knowmail I understood that the voice-tech is pretty much similar to the mobile apps ecosystem 10 years ago.
Developers are struggling with not-complete platforms (Alexa/Cortana/Siri… you name it :)) and even if they build an amazing voice app, they understand that the ecosystem isn’t ready for what I call “The full Funnel”, meaning: Develop -> Acquire -> On-board -> Retain -> Make money :)
The voice ecosystem is missing some very important tools that all developers are familiar with from the mobile apps ecosystem such as analytics, marketing attribution, ab test platforms, deep-links for better acquisition or re-engagement campaigns and so on… 
I believe that for you, as an investor — that’s a great opportunity ;-) 
Would love to talk more on this if you want :)

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