AriseBank Officially Partners With PIVX

Dallas, TX — The world’s first decentralized bank announced their partnership with PIVX, a top 50 cryptocurrency late Wednesday afternoon, citing a need for a global coalition of the most talented decentralization and privacy cryptocurrency developers and platforms.

“We hold these truths to be self evident. To those informed enough to know, the World Bank documents that billions of people live on less than $20 per day. The NDC verifies 40 countries are so insolvent, they can’t pay the interest on their one hundred trillion dollars of collective debt, including America. After America, we seek the architects of the true decentralization and privacy movements to join us in a “Bank to the future”; providing legally compliant choices, beyond the status quo matrix world, that billions no longer have to live in, after untold millenia”, said Jared Rice Sr., CEO of AriseBank. “Together we have the how, the time is now and we want people to join us”, he said.

As of Wednesday at 11:42PM CST, PIVX (PIVX) was valued at $11.11 and has been flirting with $13 in recent weeks. Now joining forces with AriseBank, PIVX will be featured through the AriseBank platform, debuting in the coming weeks as well as a top 10 featured cryptocurrency in their major cryptocurrency ATM rollout currently underway. “Our partnership with AriseBank, the vision of PIVX being a globally accepted decentralized cryptocurrency can now become a reality much sooner than we anticipated. With our energy efficient PoS network, low cost and blazingly fast privacy-enabled transactions, we both knew it was a great opportunity and here we are. With the additional feature sets that we are bringing in 2018, this partnership can only bring more benefits to the end users of both AriseBank and PIVX in the long term. We are very excited about this joint venture to bring a more accessible and usable cryptocurrency to the masses”, said ‘s3v3nh4cks’ (pseudonym), the founder of PIVX.

AriseBank is set to release more information on their ATM release and further developments on their partnership with BitShares in the coming days along with a preview to their revolutionary ATM software for their cryptocurrency-based ATMs. PIVX is set to be a featured cryptocurrency next to BitShares in the ATM rollout as well as other Arise products and services. “We truly believe in the future of both of these cryptocurrencies. We love their communities and what they stand for when it comes to decentralization. While both of them have two drastically different ideas on how blockchains should operate, they both share the same decentralized vision that makes AriseBank special”, says AriseBank COO Stanley Ford. An exciting week of releases is upcoming for AriseBank, BitShares and PIVX as many endorsement deals loom and the beginning of AriseBank’s public sale begins for their ongoing ICO. Arise wants to bring unity to the blockchain and you can expect them to partner with many cryptocurrencies that are featured within the platform in the coming days and weeks ahead.