Introducing The AriseCoin Desktop Wallet

We have released version 1.2 of aWallet Core, the official desktop wallet for AriseCoin. In order to participate in the ICO you will need an AriseCoin wallet address.

You can generate a wallet address through the following ways:

AriseCoin Paper Wallet

AriseCoin Web Wallet

Or download the new desktop wallet for MacOSX, Windows or Linux Desktops here:

The source code is available here:

aWallet Core Features:

Easy & Secure Wallet Creation

Easily and securely create or import an unlimited amount of AriseCoin wallet addresses.

Customize Your Wallet

Easily customize your wallet from several pre-built styles or upload your own design within seconds. While this has nothing to do with the blockchain, who doesn’t like to customize things?

Create AriseCoin Contacts

Easily send money to your contacts and spend less time remembering wallet addresses of those you frequently send money to.

Switch Between MainNet and DevNet

We have launched both our mainnet and devnet networks and you can easily switch between both using aWallet-Core. You can also choose to use your own AriseCoin network node, rather than our publicly available network.

Many Other Options

From switching currencies to sound alerts, aWallet-Core is the ultimate AriseCoin wallet solution and we frequently update it.

Future Features

  • aBank API Integration
  • aPay Integration
  • Shapeshift Integration
  • Changely Integration

Stay tuned for our upcoming AriseCoin wallet updates and to our official Twitter pages @AriseBank and @AriseCoin.