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The Chennai Super Kings

About a week before this year’s edition of the Indian Premier League started, I had taken a look at the match schedule to see when Chennai would be playing. When I realised that the first home match of the season would be happening on the 10th of April, against Kolkata (two-time champion and one of our biggest rivals), I knew I had to go.

My father probably guessed how badly I wanted to see CSK in action and made sure he got his hands on a couple of tickets. So there we were, on a Tuesday evening, walking down the road, looking for an auto to get us to the stadium. One finally pulled over right next to us and the driver looked at our yellow shirts and asked, “Chepauk aa?”. I smiled. There’s a certain joy you feel inside you when you hear that name, synonymous with the MA Chidambaram Stadium itself. …


Arjun Aravind

I like coding, movies, food, quizzing and Daft Punk.

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