There was a time when legacy was designed by passion and hard-work. Artists drew to build a legacy. The only thing that stays after you leave is your name. And at times, with pride comes narcissism.

“My name is Ozymandias, king of kings:
Look on my works, ye Mighty, and despair!”

Although that is there, great works stay. Shakespeare and Picasso are two of those brilliant people who changed the world.

The Internet was founded in the 80’s to improve communications. It was to help the financially stable part of the society. In just a span of 30 years, it has evolved. Google and Facebook are the pillars holding it together now. It has become a community itself — A path to anonymity and freedom.

Yes, the Internet is #Awesome. It helps us communicate, share research and ideas and be up-to date. But we need to understand that anonymity is an illusion. We often think our information is safe. Most of the companies behind any service we use online own our content. We don’t take care of privacy settings for one which gives access to any friend of ours to use our content. Two, we aren’t really safe. When celebrities get stuck in scandals because of hackers, I wonder how safe I am. Should we embrace the fact that the Internet is connecting us to the world or should we be afraid of our content being used?

The Internet is changing our lives. Social Media has become a platform where we insult and boast on a regular basis. The number of likes a witty status receives determines how much we smile. Happiness has become so constant that it is boring. When something really incredible happens, we don’t react. We just have the same smile and we wonder about which emoticon to use when updating our statuses. We make it a trend instead of celebrating it. Our Facebook walls are filled with such posts. We upload selfies to show the world how good we look. Appearance is something that most of us think affects how one thinks about another. I agree most people judge by looking at appearances but the first impression isn’t necessarily the best impression.

We often need people with our own views. We surround ourselves with such people and when we see someone who rejects us in the real world, we get upset instead of understanding why people criticize us. The time we have to think before doing something idiotic too affects things. We don’t really think before sending those screenshots about one friend to another do we?

Love too is determined by how many messages he/she sends. Real affection is not having the same views or doing the same things but caring truly which we ourselves have lost.

Just take a moment and think about this: “Should we really post that selfie we took in the bathroom? Should we really rant about our boss online? Should we really announce a breakup online?”. Don’t let your activity online be your legacy.

Use the Internet in a better way. Make it cleaner and make it a tool we use to educate people and to connect with them. It is where we share ideas. Go out into the real world. Take a swim. Trek. Run. Jog. Make friends. Life is filled with adventures and the only thing stopping you from living a life that people will remember is this screen in front of you!

Build a legacy that will last forever. As a species, space civilization is our footprint in the Universe and as humans, we choose the platform we step on.

Keep Looking up!


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