My thought experiment: Experience of 4D from 3D


Here is a thought experiment I am engaged in right now. From 2D, how would you interpret a person who is walking in 3D? Imagine you can only understand 2D. That means you can only understand length and width not the height. Everything will be moving in length or width in time ‘’t’. But if something started to move in height ‘h’, you would start experiencing weird behavior. Looking from 2D you would see feet of a person appearing and disappearing. If a person steps to the ground, you will see a feet like 2D object.

The feet would appear when someone steps in the ground. But once feet is lifted, from 3D it is a person’s feet’s floor moving in 3D but from 2D, you will see that feet suddenly disappeared. If I were to plot this behavior of feet in the 2D graph, I would find a probabilistic 2D diagram of feet. Thus in 2D, feet would have quantum characteristics. From 2D, the wave function of the feet of a person walking will look as following.

Wave of foot seen from 2D of a person walking in 3D

However, from the prospective of 3D, when you look at the person, you realize him walking. The are no quantum characteristics present.

Foot of a person seen from 3D

Now I wonder about the wave function of a subatomic particle. Every subatomic particles can be represented by probabilistic wave diagram. Or in simple words, they simultaneous act as both wave and particle. Are we experiencing 4D from 3D as a wave function of subatomic particle? Physicists don’t have any concrete answer why subatomic particles act as both wave and particle. You can only know their location using a probabilistic value. When I analyze this bizarre behavior of a particle, I try to compare my experience of feet from 2D.

My thought experiment might be completely naive, but I find it a curious thought experiment.

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