(Notes on the Next War) Ernest Hemingway

War in upon itself, like killing, or any other form of creation or destruction or action for that matter is neither good nor evil.

Good or evil is determined by context and moral basis.

We are now in the second decade of the undeclared unacknowledged Third World War. …

The Government of Kenya’s hollow but public relations-savvy response to the coronavirus crisis has been wanting. The control initiative began following the appointment of Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe to the Health Ministry in late February 2020. As the growing number of confirmed COVID-19 cases resulted in a worldwide pandemic, hysteria and public restrictions, the Health Cabinet Secretary issued ever sterner directives that included fines and the threat of a jail sentence against those who failed to adhere to self-quarantine.

On the ground, however, there are signs of disorder. There have been reports of healthcare workers, unable to secure even the most basic face masks, judiciously scampering to safety at the sight of potentially infected patients. Nurses at the Mbagathi Hospital, which is serving as one of the designated national isolation centres, staged go-slows protesting lack of adequate training and protective equipment. …

The health crisis we face from chemical pesticides in the soil, water, plants and animals that form our food chain has been proven to be directly related to Monsanto, the largest agrochemical outside of Europe. This has been proven by research, tested by science and the even more the rigorous — process of litigation in an environment favourable to corporations. Monsanto has been found guilty in all courts; the court of science, the court of law, and the court of humanism.

In some strange rationale Monsanto employees do not consume Monsanto products. And this is not as a result individual choice, it is Monsanto policy that it’s employees do not consume what it sells. Monsanto at every level, individual and institutional is aware it is harming Humanity. …


ArkANudDin | أركانالدين

[لا إله إلا الله محمد رسول الله]

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