Free Transactions for all ArkLand Voters :)

Starting today, our voters will be able to enjoy free transactions when using our special FREE Transactions node! If you’re not a voter, you’ll be able to vote for us for FREE as well, your voting fee will be reimbursed on your next payout!

We have developed a section on our panel where transactions are queued up as our node forges them into blocks. By forging them into blocks, we’re able to keep the transaction fees, and thus reimburse them to our votes. To start enjoying free transactions, follow the steps below:

Enabling Free Transactions on Your Wallet

1) Click on the gear icon on the top right, then click on Manage Networks

2) Enter “” on the “Seed Server” field. Do not toggle “Force” on, then save

3) Click on the power icon on the top right, and restart your wallet:

4) After restarting, you should see “” under “PEER”:

Now you’re all set!

Every transaction you send while connected to our peer, will be queued up so we can forge it into blocks. That includes every transaction, vote, second signature and name registration.

Our node forges blocks into the blockchain every 6 to 8 minutes, and we can fit 50 transactions in each block. If you want to time your transaction so it takes less time to confirm, visit our panel on and look at this section:

That means once you send your transaction, it will take approximately 4 minutes and 32 seconds for it to get the first confirmation. You can use this counter to send your transaction only a few moments before we forge the next block :)

We’ve also added a new section on our voter’s panel so you can see your refunds:

Refunds are sent out on the next time you get a payout from us!

We hope this helps offset the costs of enjoying the Ark ecosystem. Cheers!