Install the Native Ark Mobile Wallet on iOS — Windows, OS X and Linux


The Ark Mobile Wallet is great, however iOS users have to rely on Ionic View to run it until the app becomes available on the App Store (thanks, Apple). This is fine as a temporary solution but it does comes with disadvantages:

  • No support for native libraries, for example, reading QR codes won't work
  • Not a native app, Ionic View basically runs the project in a web view
  • Poor performance due to this being a workaround intended for testing the app, not for production environments

Getting apps listed on the App Store can take a lot of time, specially for apps that deal with money transfers (in this case, Ark). Since we don't know when Apple is willing to finally list the mobile wallet, I've compiled the app in a way that anybody can easily install it on their iOS devices, all you need is a computer and an Apple ID. This will work on Windows, Linux and OSX.

To start, you need to download two files:

Before continuing, make sure that your iOS device is plugged on your computer via USB and the screen is unlocked. Close any iTunes popups that come up after you plug it in.

After downloading both files:
On Windows: Extract the Cydia Impactor download into a folder, then open Impactor.exe

On OS X: Open the Cydia Impactor Download, then double click on Impactor

If you see this message after opening the download, that’s normal, click on Open

After opening Impactor, you’ll see something like this:

If your iOS device isn’t listed on the dropdown above, it means your computer isn’t recognizing it. Make sure it’s plugged in and the screen is unlocked or you won’t be able to proceed.

Click on Device > Install Package…

Select the Ark Mobile.ipa file you downloaded earlier

Before Impactor installs the wallet, you’ll see this:

Type your Apple ID and password so Impactor can install the app. This is the same Apple ID and password that you use to download new apps on the App Store.

Note: If you have 2 Factor Authentication enabled on your iCloud account (you should!), your regular Apple ID password won’t work. To continue, you need to login on — Scroll down to Security, and generate an App-Specific Password:

Use the password you generate here on Impactor to install the mobile wallet on your device — Save this password for later in case you want to reinstall a newer version of the wallet.

Impactor will install the mobile wallet on your device, and you should be able to see it on your home screen:

Short GIF of the wallet in action:

That’s it! :D If you need help, feel free to comment here or ping @munich (ArkLand Delegate) on Ark’s Slack. Cheers!


06/07/2018: Updated the .ipa — Commit e1eb232

02/13/2018: Updated the .ipa — Transaction recipient address should be updated

02/12/2018: Updated the .ipa — Fix revert & use QRCodeScheme for tx send