Introducing: ArkLand Calculator v1

Today, the first version of the ARKLand Calculator is being released on ARK, and it's available on

It is a self-service calculator, this means delegates can register/login and update their profit share stats by themselves.

Upon signing up, delegates are able to claim their accounts by signing a message from their delegate wallet:

After the verification process, delegates can update their profit sharing settings, which will reflect on the calculator's results:

I'd like to invite all delegates to sign up and update their profit sharing settings on the calculator! :D

Features that will be coming on the next versions:

  • Ability to blacklist certain addresses from the calculation
  • Ability to exclude a certain amount of votes from the calculation
  • Ability to calculate based on a wallet address, rather than based on an amount
  • REST API for updating profit sharing settings
  • Field to disclose how much % a delegate donates to the ACF
  • Delegate proposal field
  • Sortable columns (rewrite in Vue)

I'm open to suggestions, please let me know what you'd like to see on the calculator :)