Arkadia Lending, Invest in more than profit!

The Impact Investing App addressing inequality…

Arkadia allows you to become an impact investor by tailoring your investments to the issues you care about the most -whether that’s environmental sustainability, equality or prosperity.

If you are interested in supporting Arkadia we are currently raising our seed round for HNWIs angel investors and venture capitalists.

What is Arkadia?
Arkadia Lending is an application which allows you to lend money to impactful and profitable Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in high growth markets.

Your money is lent to a portfolio of loans alongside other investors just like you!

The SMEs you lend to are companies with great growth potential which are verified and assessed by Arkadia and our local partners. We then recommend a portfolio based on your personal values, financial and impact goals. You can opt in and out of the various SMEs you like and don’t like!

The SMEs then repay their loans with interest — building a better world whilst making a profit and you can help them do it!

Why do we want to do this?

  • Wealth Creation- For Arkadia’s investors, there are opportunities for large financial returns estimated between 12–16%. While for our borrowers we provide a cheaper source of finance so they can grow.
  • Opportunity- Societies in developing markets aren’t able to reach their potential due to funding gaps created by the financial system which favours western markets and a lack of understanding of other non-Western cultures.
  • Impact- Businesses which would make great investments are being denied access to finance slowing growth which affects job creation and progress. If we are going to beat problems like climate change, inequality and poverty — we should start with finance.

How is Arkadia different from other investment apps?
We are an impact investment app.

We offer investments focusing on increasing prosperity, improving people’s lives and protecting the planet.

We create a deeper, more enriching engagement with investing. By creating personalised impact reporting which allows you to understand the true performance of your portfolio. Investing has never been so rewarding or so personal!

What is impact investing?
Investments made into companies, organizations, and funds with the intention to generate social and environmental impact alongside a financial return.

How is Arkadia different from other impact investment apps?
Impact investing often means investing in shares of large corporations which are often flush with cash, packaging them into categories such as Disruptive Technology, Equality and Climate Change. These causes are admirable but evidence suggests the impact created isn’t enough to solve the issues we face today. Meanwhile, the companies in developing markets that need finance the most are excluded.

At the root of our vision are equality and sustainability. We connect funding where it is in abundance with fantastic SME investments which are currently denied access to finance. We are working to remove the bias and inequality that stand in the way of financially viable projects. Projects in countries that are still associated with poverty and outdated stereotypes that exist despite the incredible entrepreneurship and ingenuity of their people.

Arkadia can end this backwards way of thinking, replacing charity with accountable investment and creating mutually beneficial relationships.

When can I try it?
Sign up for updates at

You will also be invited to access the app before we launch giving you exclusive access as part of our beta community.

We will work with our beta community to get your feedback giving you a chance to shape Arkadia’s development.

What’s next?
We are at the beginning of our journey but together we can build an immensely powerful tool for change and will build a happier, fairer, more advanced and prosperous planet.

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If you are interested in supporting Arkadia we are currently raising our seed round for HNWIs angel investors and venture capitalists.

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