I was not writing about it flippantly but as a fact.
Gonzalo Vergara

Fact and Personal Experience.

  1. You tortured someone and they gave valuable information that led to the prevention of a crime or apprehension of criminal?
  2. You were tortured and you gave valuable information that prevented you from committing a crime?
  3. You observed torture that led to extraction of valuable information that led to prevention of a crime or apprehension of a criminal?

Even a YES tick to all three of these, multiple times over would not lead to a “torture works” “FACT”.

That you do not pull this little post down is sufficient evidence not only that you do not know what you are talking about, but that you also lack the humility and capacity to learn from others, about what you think you know.

I challenge you to DELETE your article. Do your homework, then submit writing that will potentially benefit you as much as it may benefit society.

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