The Militarization of the Police And Orwellian Evolution of British East Africa Into A Police Corporatocracy

Part I: Contextual Background

Setting the stage

On January 16th 2017 comprador-bourgeoisie President Uhuru Kenyatta unveiled over 500 “police vehicles” in what has been termed a police modernization programme.

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The local news and media organisations maintain an event driven perspective and therefore missed the significance of this insidious programme. Here we will endeavour to assess the broader context in which the militarization of the police force continues to happen.

The socio-anthropological ideological blindness of the Africa’s intellectual elites does not allow them to perceive the suspension of the Constitution and implementation of de-facto Martial Law by the passing/implementation of the “Prevention of Terrorism Act 2012”.

The fracture of the illusion of a Protectorate Rechtsstaat did not begin with President Uhuru’s 16th January 2017 directive to security services to deal with incitement “ruthlessly”, it began far earlier with a conspiracy that no-one even bothered to conceal.

De-facto Martial Law

The former Chief Justice Willy Mutunga during his reign stated during a press conference that he initiated a meeting between the Judiciary and Security Organs on May 29th 2014, that was attended by the entire Leadership of the National Security Organs, Cabinet Secretaries for Interior and Defence, Inspector General of the Kenya Police, Chief of the Kenya Defence Forces, Director General of the National Intelligence Service and representatives from the Director of Public Prosecutions.

He revealed “This meeting is a culmination of several conversations between myself and various security agencies that have been going on for two years. These meetings are based on the understanding that when it comes to issues of security and welfare of citizens, the three arms must coordinate and collaborate closely.”

He went on to address and clothe what he as a jurist realized to be obvious contradiction of key tenets of “Separation of Powers” saying “Although the various organs of State are independent, the Constitution also requires them to be interdependent”.

Setting the stage for suspension of the Constitution by concluding ominously,“Terrorism is a war by unconventional means… we must be imaginative in fighting this war”.

Note, NOT Constitutional BUT “imaginative”.

Earlier on, on 26th May 2014 Cyrus Ombati in the Standard Newspaper quoted Deputy President William Ruto criticizing magistrates and judges for releasing terror suspects on bond thus impending the war on terror saying “we call on all players in the justice, law and order sector to stand with Kenyans”.

Note, NOT with the Law.

The Chief Justice, then Willy Mutunga, confessed to coming under immense pressure to suspend the Constitution. A confession of this magnitude by the Chair of the Judicial pillar should have been cause for great alarm but alas we are living in the age of schools of ignorance in oceans of information.

Ultimately the Chief Justice buckled and formed a team to review bail terms for those charged under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Chief Justice Mutunga’s counter-part in the Executive arm — Attorney General Githu Muigai, a known lackey for the imperial elite and traitor to Civil Society, in 2014 at different times proposed laws to regulate religious institutions and social media, following the imperialist’s cue in the proposal for control of social media. His proposal coming within 7 days after Theresa May then Home Secretary announced a proposal for what was aptly dubbed “Snooper’s Charter” (which has since been passed. Endeavouring to calm the Christian community, he revealed the Christians were not the targets of the proposed laws but “small groupings accused of brainwashing followers and engaging in radicalization and other ‘dangerous doctrines’”, insidiously pointing to Muslims. Fortunately, the Christian church leaders knew with such a law in place it was only a matter of time it was used against them too and remained adamant, and yet again and not for the first time in history Muslims were saved from a systemic onslaught by an anti-theistic system by Christians (though inadvertently this time).

Therefore act by act, political statement by political statement the Constitutional order was corroded to a point where the State technically failed and POTUS Barack Obama offended the sensitivities of Kenya’s twitteratti elite in diaspora by shouting the “Emperor was naked” in a letter to the United Nations Security Council listing failed states, and including Kenya. Our ideologically blind native elites failed to understand that Habeas Corpus was long suspended as Hemed and a long list of young men were “disappeared” by the Police force and the implications of this. But half a century of colonial “education” programs have conditioned the native population to be pliant and submissive to authority and this has insured the local elite from uprisings, assuming they can maintain sufficient economic order that allow the masses to have hope for another meal.

Declaration of Martial Law in a situation of ignorance, utter desperation and deprivation is not necessary, as anything the ruling comprador-bourgeoisie elite want to do they can do with little or not resistance as long as there are no divisions among them. Notice the Judiciary, Legislature made adjustments whenever it was called upon to do so, therefore if the Judiciary does not demand that the defendant be presented before the court, and when they are presented before the court an unwritten agreement exists between the Court and Security organs to hold them without charge and not to offer them bail, and when the Constitution becomes a nuisance the Legislature will pass an Act that upends all Constitutional rights… what need is there to declare Martial Law? What purpose is there in calling it a Police State?

The Police State

Police State as defined by the Dictionary of Cultural Literacy is a nation whose rulers maintain order and obedience by the threat of police or military force; one with a brutal, arbitrary government. By Wikipedia as a government that exercises power arbitrarily through the power of the police force.

Routledge Dictionary of Politics states:

The Routledge Dictionary of Politics, Third Edition; Police State

Now, by this measure British East Africa has always been a Police State, albeit with varying levels of tyrannical intensity depending on the local and international, political and economic situation.

So why does it matter now? After all which African territory is not a Police State?

Two parts.

Locally, the sheer Orwellian scale.

Internationally, the prevailing order within the Imperial states.

Locally, the growth of the Police infrastructure is frightening in rate and scale. Its spread in time, over a decade and its spread in every sector of the public, private and government domain makes it difficult to perceive its monstrous enormity without significant intellectual effort.

This write up attempts to capture some of its more visible aspects. Visible implying those that are revealed and recorded in the public domain. Examples of invisible ones that would be difficult to site are for instance secret agreements between governments that only come to light in unique political situations like when a report presented to the United State Senate Intelligence Committee revealing CIA safe houses had been established in Nairobi or when the USG sought to pass a law that shielded the FBI from prosecution when they extra-judicially killed a native, essentially a “license to kill” locally appeared and disappeared from public discourse.

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Part II: The Non-Police Pillars of the British East Africa Corporate Police State