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Did you know that lets you reach out to their students using their email address?

Hi. I don’t think we’ve met yet. I’m, the online teaching platform that doesn’t leave you hanging and doesn’t discount your courses down to $10, even though you’ve poured your heart and soul into some of the best work you’ve ever done.

You know that other platform that doesn’t let you promote your own material? Doesn’t let you give your students a free ebook? Doesn’t let you contact the students that you worked hard to get? You can’t even link to your own website without fear of being kicked off, banned or having your right to “message” your students taken away.

You know when you write in for support and you don’t get a message back for 3 weeks? If you even get a message back at all! You know that platform that doesn’t care about innovation or high quality education? The same platform that doesn’t consult it’s content creators before changing a policy, or changing a major feature?

You know when you get a new paying student to your course, your $200 course that’s been discounted down to $10, and you only see a $2.50 one-time payment for it, assuming they don’t refund?

What about when you “promote” your course by giving it away for free to thousands of people using a coupon code while HOPING it’ll draw in paying students in the future, does that sound familiar?

How about when you report a one star review that doesn’t say anything, but they keep it anyway because it’s somehow “valuable”? Or the same one star review that says “I didn’t like it.”, and it drops your review score, but they won’t remove it because reasons?

Cross promoting other courses and working with teachers to cover more ground? That breaks their Terms of Service.

The only plus side is you get a decent percent of your sale if you convince the student to purchase your course, but they never buy anymore because they wait for the FREE or $10 coupon.

What about all the rules over how you get paid? If the user is an affiliate from another user, you immediately get… basically nothing.

And if you have a FREE course, you’re NOT allowed to make a paid course and announce it to your student base.. even though the content belongs to you.

We don’t do ANY of that nonsense.

We have very simple rules at Arkmont. They look like this:

  • Student who enroll in your courses… you get their direct email address.
  • 70% of every sale no matter what, even if we advertise you. Unless you’re a school teacher, too, then you’ll earn 80–90%. It’s that easy. Seriously.
  • Unlimited email blasts to your students and no limitations on “promotional” or “educational” material. We trust you won’t spam them.
  • Students get a 30 day money back guarantee, so you still need to wait a bit before getting paid.
  • Read the point above this. We’re that clear on rules and communication.
  • Reach out to us at any time. You’ll get a real email back, not a ticket number.
  • Have a suggestion to improve We’re all ears.

What we look for in an educator:

  • Quality education and trustworthy actions. Basically, don’t spam and don’t create courses on “How to make money”, those always look scammy.
  • Expertise. Seems obvious, right?
  • You don’t need to be a school teacher to teach online. Our founder didn’t start by teaching a classroom full of students, and he’s taught tens of thousands of students online.

How do you get started? Simple. Send us an email to teachers [at] telling us about your existing course.

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