Jesus’ Holy Night

Maybe that would be a better name for this moment of commemoration. “Maundy Thursday” is an odd time in organized Christianity. Some religious leaders play up foot washing. Some point to Jesus new command, that we love one another. Too many distract from the fact that Jesus was making his final preparations for laying down his life, to pay the penalty of our sins, so we each who believes could be transformed from death to life.

Even reflecting upon this, so often the astounding relationship God has for us is all too ignored. It was what Jesus was asking the Father for, the very goal of his sacrifice and all his love. It is found at the beginning and through, and especially the end of the Good News of John, Chapter 17.

(Jesus asks the Father for his holy “bride,” for God to actually be in us and for us to be actually in Him.)

Then immediately on to Gethsemane, the Mount of Olives, the trials, the scourging, the cross… the tomb… the resurrection… the ascension… Pentecost… and where we are, right now.

John 13–18:14

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