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SMH comment #3, Frederic Bastiat

So if all this is accurate (caveat, no smudge on Mike) we are led to believe that Pres. The Donald is such a poor little rich boy, grown up, that he hasn’t even learned to descend from his tower to get to know a representative cross-section of his core political supporters, in order to keep in touch with his hoi polloi? I suppose that is plausible.

If so, then the man under the hot lamp of course has to be Reince Priebus and he must be made to confess all the players, starting with those at the top.

If there are still people who believe Trump is playing “XD chess” maybe they could imagine him having a team observing and letting the network of bad operators have enough freedom to catch as many as possible. One would have to have very long odds, to bet on that.

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