The days are getting longer, the air soon will be warmer, and it’s the season of new beginnings. Spring is the time of year to declutter, clean, and freshen up all aspects of our lives. It’s a great time of year to spring into a “love mindset.”

Studies show that…

Somehow we’ve convinced ourselves that when it comes to love things happen “organically.” We usually don’t bother to learn about how we should conduct ourselves in a relationship other than what we see from our parents who are not always the best role models.

I’ve seen couples end their marriages due to frustration from having unrealistic expectations. What’s more, so many don’t know much about the opposite sex and how to communicate with each other. We grin and bear the unhappiness until the pain is too much and we give up.

What if you…

Arlene Vasquez Washburn

Speaker, Matchmaker, Author, Dating & Relationship Expert on & CEO, Matchmaking Institute, Mother, Wife and Animal Lover!

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