Helpful Fashion Tips

Ever walk into a store (I mean online, mia culpa millennials) and feel overwhelmed? Yeah, I feel your pain amigo. Problem is…too many damn options! Here are some useful tips to help you buy the best while losing the least amount of time.

Dress Shirts

Spread collar, Slim fit, and Buttons

1.) Spread collar: Always rock the spread collar. It’s classy and timeless; a stylish element which looks good dressed up or down.

2.) Slim fit: This one is dependent on your body frame…but when possible wear slim fit. It’s currently trending and it’s sharp.

3.) Sleeves: Make sure your shirt goes slightly past your wrist. Also, use buttons instead of cuffs. Buttons are cheap, manageable, and sleek.

Dress Pants

Slim fit and Flat front

1.) Length: Your pant should come down to or slightly past the upper heel of your dress shoe whilst standing up. Remember, don’t just buy dress pants! Get a tailor.

2.) Slim Fit: Again depends on your body type…but slim is the best fit because it gets rid of all the extra and unnecessary fabric. Don’t get pants that are too tight but it’s ok to be slightly uncomfortable.

3.) Flat front: this is the styling of your pants and is hands down the best looking sort of pants out there! Please, at all costs avoid pleated pants!