Rainy Breezy-Hot & Sweaty

Fashion is temporary, style is remembered, and elegance is forever. Nice little line I just made up, right? Well there’s something missing from that short little phrase and that’s weather. And weather is random. Mother Nature can make or break any outfit so it pays to roll alongside her plans.


Material is key. And guess what’s trending this summer? Yeah that’s right, linen. And linen is great for combating hot weather. It’s a lightweight fabric with a low thread count which makes it perfect for absorbing moisture and keeping you cool on a hot summer day. So give those really hot days the finger because you can still rock that classy blazer look without sweating out like a water hydrant. Also, keep in mind that linen wrinkles easily but don’t despair because that’s part of linen’s charm, a worn down but elegant look.


Outerwear is a must. Rain can dampen anyone’s look so make sure to throw something over-top your outfit. I’d recommend rocking a single breasted trench coat to keep you nice and protected from the elements. I’d also advise wearing something a little darker on a rainy day. Try working with blue colors, they seem to do the trick quite nicely on a gloomy day. And lastly, wear a pair of shoes that you don’t mind getting wet but don’t go with something that belongs in a trash can. I’d recommend a pair of nice brown dress shoes that have seen a pothole or two. Find the right balance between polished and worn!