Black Lives Matter Shifting To Deeper Topics

Amar Singh Kaleka

So, as many people know, I’ve been part of this Black Lives Matter movement for a while. I even help administer some FB pages and give free counseling and media advice. Not all of it heeded, but nonetheless, given from pure intent.

I’ve never been prouder of what WE, everyone who has even just shared a post, have accomplished than now.

First, we got Black and Indigenous History to be taken seriously. Including multiple civil rights movements which needed to have light shed upon them during these chaotic times.

Second, we ripped the clothes off the emperor to show you how racist the police state of New Rome is. All we had to do was show you a dozen or so of the 12,000 incidents which naturally occurred in a couple years. Yes, they were some of the more egregious ones. But we had to wake up the masses who were asleep behind a wheel after a long day’s worth of work.

Now, the BLM has announced it’s going after multiple new targets: the entertainment and media industry in America; the political and governance sector; and the sex trade markets. Each of these industries create an unhealthy imbalance in the perception of self, and present widespread inequality and damage to the moral fiber of America, not to mention, henceforth, the rest of the world.

Currently, the population of diversity in America is around 40%. Yet, in political leadership of America, less than 3%. The people of diversity in each of these trades is bullied, brainwashed, delegitimized, and silenced. There are different factors in each industry that create different challenges and hurdles which are there in unequal variances. But the numbers are staggering.

Here’s just one deeper example: the movie industry. Download the PDF at this link and read the article if you like.

In summary, the industry is under represented in almost all of the major categories on average 5 to 1. Below the line crew actually gets worse among union and studio pictures. In producing, or fundraising, even worst, yet.

The same problem exists for women in all three of the above mentioned target sectors. Especially, the Sex trade and the media industry in leadership given their roles.

Black Lives Matter, in a record amount of time, brought the injustices of the police state to light and recorded a large number of federal, state, and moral court cases in their favor. The population of America that was actually following the stories were definitely swayed without need for influence, manipulation of the facts, or threat. They were just shown the norm.

All the while underground racists, who don’t listen to real news, placed a blue light outside their house and patios to openly mark themselves as ignorant, at best. At times they still donned full white hood regalia.

Just to cite the victories further, policing, military, and security forces started hiring more people of diversity around the world. Did you notice more diverse TSA agents, yet? Or uniformed police? America, even started allowing the military to wear turbans. Believe it or not, this is a big move forward.

In Canada, the PM selected one of the first Sikhs to lead their military as a Defence minister, Harjit Sajjan.

Yet, these successes are small in comparison to the actual need for an overall change towards the attitudes of the majority. Hate crimes are still rising. Especially, amongst immigrants in America and Western Europe.

We still need a paradigm shift from many tribes to one family bloodline. From warring tribes to a peaceful community on one quest: to unravel the beauty of the universe. This is the point and junction we are at right now.

By 2051, America is going to become over 50% diverse. And at that time, we are going to wonder why the good world, or the kingdom, as it’s described, took so long. We will cites these times. Our descendants will either speak ill or great of us. I’ll cite only one scripture for this example. In the Christian Bible, it states that the meek shall inherit the Earth.

Why the meek? Who has been the meek for so long? At what point does this happen? Obviously it happens before rapture, or the day of judgement, or the return because it’s prophesied that way.

The meek is the working class populations of each country. Predominantly, diverse; antiquity until now. Each have lived a hard enough life to learn about deeper social wisdoms. They have been over draught on so many challenges and hardships that they most definitely understand the reality at play from the middle class and impoverished levels. Thus, they are humble yet strong. They are intelligent yet cultured.

They are one of our last saving graces as many paradigms shift quickly. They are also the unique keys to the unraveling of accumulated evil karma, giving salvation to many through blessings and hugs. They are the angels who walk among us. Some fallen. Some risen. Always named and renamed to fit a certain ideology.

Based on the success of the BLM, maybe women should decide on doing a WLM. Maybe they ought to threaten no more love making until all rapes and predatorizing of women comes to a halt. Completely.

Then, I’m sure in two weeks, the society would change. And the women who couldn’t hold their thirst will make the best of choices for their man-sicle. Thus, keeping the women even safer, out of harm’s way, and potentially disabling a predatory blood line for good through simple protest.

Remember, behavior is dictated more house to house rather than wider cultures. So it has to change house to house. Good men and women are made house to house. Peer to peer can also be argued, but that’s only in places where the family dynamic has already broken down. :-/

So, in short, I’m proud of my fellow BLMers and they should be credited for setting in motion some of the biggest and best paradigm shifts. Each of the spokespeople have done an amazing job standing in front of the hot torches. Each has kept as much peace as they possibly could given how emotionally gut wrenching the situation became.

Now, let’s help them move further in their quest. Look for BLM to do better and better classy work on each round of their next battles.

Stay tuned.

Stay wise.

Stay objective.

Amar Singh Kaleka

Here’s further conversation about the topic on my feed about the media article above. In case you want summaries.