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CE-5 refers to the sliding scale of Close Encounters with Extraterrestrials.
We profile it heavily in our film, Sirius:

“CE — 5” is human initiated contact. If all beings are connected throughout the universe with one primordial mind (Max Planck’s research), then do we have a space communicator built within ourselves? Could it be in the deepest recesses of our mind? Is it that cosmic voice you hear when you are deep within meditation, or even right before you go to sleep in the hypnagogic state?

Some of my friends and I think so. We have been scientifically analyzing the cause and effects of different types of communications to a higher life form with technology, our minds, and unity consciousness. We just call these gatherings of 12 or more open minded scientists “C E 5's” because as stated above — we are trying to connect to the cosmic chatroom and then ask whoever’s flying by to come closer. Now — I understand what you are thinking… “do you want them to get closer? Why?” or… “are you out of your damn mind?”.

Go to 1:20 secs in. You will see a large CE-5 group.

Yes and yes. If life forms have gotten to the point of space travel, holographic projectioning, cosmic telepathic powers, a full understanding of electro-gravitics, cloning, and all advanced sciences on Earth times infinity (you like my drama, admit it :-)… then they must be far more benevolent than us. Humans have a narrow spectrum of acceptance and understanding, and to make matters worst, they are far more volatile and destructive when they cannot understand or accept things.

Most often when trying to create contact, your state of calm will determine how close an ET will get with you. They read your body and language cues far faster than we read our own. So remember to be honest and open in the communications. Send love, send smiles, send giggles and warmth.

Here is the process to achieving contact with ET’s that I have gleaned and summarized based on my Sirius work, alongside the many different ancient histories that I’m studying, including my own Vedic traditions.


step 1 > group cohesion, comfort, and 1st attempt at unity consciousness

step 2 > holding the channel open while listening intently with eyes, ears, & mind.

step 3 > flying together and having encounters

The first thing that we should discuss is “unity consciousness”.

Unity consciousness is a great science, and a field that is rarely studied in spirituality. You can use it for building a strong family dynamic or for team building exercises in the corporate world.

Here, we are using it to magnify our individual mental capacities on all levels.

In order to create a strong unified field — start with these three things.

1: Physical touch. Eyes closed. An example would be holding hands, or touches each other’s knees. In some of the best CE-5 encounters, I have noticed just a slight knee to knee connection, while everybody sits cross legged in a tight circle around a central fire.

2: No inebriation and total trust. Inebriation means to be intoxicated beyond internal mind control. At this point, you are out of control and unable to take part. It’s hard to trust someone that is not in control of mind. Total trust is necessary for mistakes to happen, false sightings, and nervousness to fall away.

3: Unity Breathing turns to Silence. Breathing together can be taken to a whole new level with certain yoga teachers. In the CE-5 protocol, all you need to do is breath in through your nose straight to your stomach, imagine your belly getting big. Breath out through your mouth. If everybody does this — there will be silence and a calm unified breath. Don’t be scared. Silence is necessary for unity consciousness and clear mind. The breath lets us work together to open the channel.

Keep your eyes closed. Remember, eyes closed is hyper important. Two main reasons: a) because the longer you shut your eyes, the more sensitive to light they will become, and you will be able to see further, and b) the dark void is where you will find the closest representation of the primordial creator — gravity.

As you line up your breathing, let the thoughts that are coming have their moment in your mind, and then dismiss them with a positive affirmation. “This, too, shall pass,” is one of my favorites. “Check”. “Okay”. “Nice”. Keep your heart and positive energy moving up and focused.

Eyes closed. Use your own mantras. OM! Waheguru! Amen! etc.

Finally, as you have cleared up your mind RAM, you can sit and listen to the night. To the wind. To the distant cars. To the people moving all around you. You are here. You are now. Take a second to get a grasp on your environment. Remember it, because if you are lost later, come back to this memory.

Keeping your eyes closed.

When this silence happens, your group leader (GL) will be able to access Unity Voice.

Step 4: Unity Voice

The group leader (GL) will be given the initial duty of moderator and guide. Here the GL, in a calm — confident voice will remind everyone where North is, and because it might be dark — should ask the person who is sitting at North to speak up so everyone knows their voice.

Next, the GL will ask that each person speak up about something to re-introduce their voice now. I usually ask that we each say our name and what it means according to our travels thus far. [30 secs each means 6–7 minutes usually].

Unity Voice is like a stage for each person or small group to speak from one at a time.

After this, then — the GL will lead everyone in a group sound, song, prayer, chant, dance, etc. We call it a mantra. “Wa-hey-guru” is my native one.

In other cultures, it can get quite intense, like this Sufi Zikr:

It will feel unnatural to synchronize with so many different people. But eventually, if you keep going — then you will get it. Do it together, and do it well. If you are singing a song, hum that thing, sing it loud, get into it.

After Unity voice is achieved — then Unity Open begins.
Remember, your eyes have been shut now for about 5–7 minutes. Nothing big.

The GL will say, are you guys ready for Unity Open?

Reply “yes, ready.” or “Not yet please”.

Step 5: Unity Open

In unison, the GL or moderator, with eyes closed, has each of us tilt our heads back so we can breath from the highest point of oxygen.
Imagine you are underwater with only your nose out of it… dig deep. You might hear your sternum crack. The GL will count to seven breaths. Seven… Six… Five… all the way up to:

“One — Unity Open”. OPEN YOUR EYES.

CHANNEL ONE OPENED…. stare into the sky and don’t worry about anything else on your peripherals. You should be able to hear, see, touch, smell, taste, breath, and chill.

Keep your focus on the center of the sky… almost your zenith (about 77 degrees). You might be able to feel that. If we all focus there, then we can lift our unity consciousness out and toward the universe.

If your mind’s eye goes to the horizon, you can help slow down.

If you did good with keeping your eyes closed and your mind focused, then the sky will be rich with detail. As you stare and let your eyes wander in wonder lust, listen. You are the captain of your part of the ship — imagine there is a glass monitor screen of the sky in front of you. You are about to get communications from all over that sector you are staring at. The person the right of you is doing a totally different spot but it’s adjacent to you, and so forth.

You will hear voices, or transmissions as I call them. Answer openly, honestly, and with love and compassion. Answer them with the highest and most civilized intention.

If you would like to tell us about something — then speak up, but not over each other. Also — please keep your calm and chill tone so that we do not alarm anybody.

If you see something, do not panic the group. Ask them kindly, “hey guys, do you see that crossing light in the Western sky at 21 degrees up?” Obviously, by this point you know the difference between a satellite, a plane, a helicopter, a blimp, a drone, etc. etc.

Everybody should try to spot what you see. If you have a laser pointer, please have proper CE-5 training for how to lasso, how to communicate, and how to keep your cool with it.

Once the group acknowledges, open up your heart chakra… chest open and up toward the craft. Send love, compassion, and light.

This is where the fun begins. Your adventures are just beginning. At times they might send warm light back at you with warm air. At times they might change their flight path and come closer. At times, your body might stay in your chair, and your mind is lifted into time and space.

Keep a journal. Bring cameras. Document everything so long as you ask. Use your technology but don’t distract yourself or others. Just show us later.

Stay in Channel one for at least 20 minutes at a time. I have seen some groups in India stay open for 3 hours straight. The longer you can go with your focus, intention, and ability — the more interaction you will have with deeper crafts.

Usually, in one good night session of 4 to 5 hours, we can get off 3 good Unity Opens.

After the group work, take a moment to write and recall what just happened. All of these memories, especially when you go to the farthest regions of your brain plasticity, are lucid but short lived.

If you dig this type of interaction, meet others in the same field. They will invite you all over the world. If you want to go with me, then email me at my personal email: amardeep.kaleka@gmail.com

Good luck and happy searching.

    Amar SINGH Kaleka

    Written by

    Emmy® Award Winning Film & TV Director at Neverendinglight.com. Born in India, raised in the USA. Travels the universe to teach meditation and spread peace.

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