Dear President Trump

Amar Singh Kaleka here.

Could it just be that you, and quite a few other people, apparently, live outside the bubble of those who are most affected by the trauma of racism and inconspicuous, unconscious, institutional bias?

Yes. I believe that’s the case. 100%

Like many people in any first world developed nation there are many who live outside this circumference. Those who live inside of it? Well, you rarely meet them.

Sadly, after more than 3000 years of this bias across the globe, many, including you, have yet to find the compassion and empathy of the Christ child. Of Jesus. Of the middle path.

Many haven’t even, yet, tried to put themselves in the shoes of those who steadily work to maintain America. Whether immigrant, or of color, or Native American, nor any middle of the way Joe or Mary. All of us have steadily been affected by the harm of racism. On all sides of every ethnic origin, but none moreso, than the Nubian.

Donald, for you, and those who exist without stereotype pounded upon the head day after day, please consider yourself born lucky. Maybe, randomly. Or…

Maybe, of a necessary karma to be born into this special generation of humanity? Maybe, given a very specific challenge of joining the clans through business and enterprise, and more specifically, spirituality and culture. In a great time of prophetic change and shift.

You, yourself, who’s reading this might be one of those trendsetters who have dozens of deals being thrown at you? You might’ve been born in a good neighborhood? Or around a great community, like the United States? Or earned a Master’s degree? Or a doctorate? Or were born into a rich family and tradition?

What are you doing to help? Has it been working? When will you speak for us? When will you change? When will you lead, instead of follow? And follow, when it’s time to heed?

We are the humble, the proud, and the forsaken by many. Remove your cabinet. Empty out the place for new thought. Or at least, form a special joint commission?

We are mere farmers and shepherds of this soil. Hunters of enterprise. Workers in the fields of industry. Chair jockeys of our cubicles. Players of what was once a family game: joy and peace. Now, it’s becoming a game of survival and combat.

Reach out to me, if needbe, to guide you in the right direction, meet the right people, phone conf. with the best orgs, with people who have infinite understanding of the social laws which continue to plague our earthly responsibilities.

If you want to work on a better nation and better Earth, then the offer is out there.

Since we are America, we lead the way. Time to spin the consciousness of mankind in the right direction.