Racial Tensions Rise To The Point Of Rioting, Looting, & Protesting

Pakhar Uncle’s Gas Station was destroyed, along with a bank, and many other properties. However, the real loss was that of lives, and the inner peace of calling this “our” city.

This riot is not just about the legal police shooting which occurred on that evening. This riot is about the 5 gun murders which happened 24 hours before in the same neighborhood.

This riot is about a pent up anger, disgust, and venting. It’s about the dozens of tension filled situations which occur daily on the minds of both Black and White America. Both of them to blame. Both of them to chastise and sit down after the past 7 years of turmoil.

Some superficial thinkers can speak about the individuality and responsibility of the African American parents and children from afar. However, if they walked even a moment in their shoes — they would realize a simple fact: we are dealing with a highly traumatized and victimized group of humanity. Not since Egypt have we seen it this bad.

It was extremely hard to sleep at night after the murder of my own father by a Neo Nazi Army Sergeant. And at times, it still is. But I’m not the only one. There are many people all over this country who are traumatized on both sides of the divide.

Most from gun violence and others from our failed health and wellness industry. Some from our recession. Many from our own jails and educational centers. Some from even our own churches, hospitals, schools, and temples.

In some ways, we can see the summer heat rising and we can predict without a doubt, a situation like this was going to occur whenever we hit a hot pocket of gun shots. And occur it did.

Milwaukee is one of the most segregated and poorest places in the United States. Even in the suburbs. In different pockets of the city, there are gangs from each culture which have taken root — but not just under the traditional titles of Bloods or Crips, or Vice Lords, or GD Folks, or Latin Kings, or Hell’s Angels— but rather by neighborhood, culture, family, and class.

By social media circles. Cliques of clicks.

For all the good that the Internet provides, our mobile devices are doing the damage. More and more, we bury our head in biased conversations to stir our own emotions up. We are silo-ing ourselves from each other.

Some of my people post this. Based on current algorithms, this is going to fly up on Black American feeds.

And then, there are people in my feed sharing this. Based on the same metrics, this would fly up White American feeds.

Obviously, this is a sticky situation, sad on both ends because it polarizes society.

I’m firmly against rioting, myself, but I can understand it to be, as Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. put it: “the language of the unheard”.

Without mincing words, racism is the centralized problem of the Milwaukee 2016 Police Shooting Riot.

The illness of white supremacy has the worst track record in the history of mankind. The Western Judeo — Christian — Islamic people can account for the slave trade, the Crusades on the Holy Land from as far away as Mongolia (think Ghengis Khan), and of course, the conquest, genocide, and theft of all aboriginal and native cultures.

Think about it. Three major religions.

Supremacy is defined as the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status. When this happens, people stick to their own churches. They only join their own cultural causes. They forget to invite new friends to the table. They don’t extend their hand in leadership or the fair share of the acknowledged resources.

This kills the American Dream.

In short, destroying the opportunity of being included — raises segregation, isolation, and poverty. This is what has been happening to Black America for quite some time. From real estate to businesses. From the Rotary Club to the local churches.

There are 500 “White Billionaires” in America, while there are only 2 “Black Billionaires” — Oprah Winfrey and Michael Jordan.

I’m not condoning the actions of the rioters. Matter of fact, they are wrong.

But I see this bold and new American culture as a young enterprise bisected by many atrocities at the hands of ancestors past, whose families still enjoy present privileges, while those who have been wronged are continuously reminded of it.

This system that “they or we” created and perpetuated is munching up and destroying the present inner city culture. From the unfair laws on cannabis, to the gun laws, to the lack of federal funding in public education, from our entertainment sector to our election process, to our health and grocery issues, to the lead in the water, our internal corruptions, and regionalistic issues are eating our country alive. Economically. Politically. Spiritually.

It’s this system we must look to elegantly change. And we can’t wait for an election to do that.

I know many different people are working on peace at any given moment in this small city. Many teachers, many parents, many firemen, many police officers, many politicians— just to name a few. But there are, OBVIOUSLY, not enough when we spend trillions of dollars on war, billions of dollars on violent crime, and an infinite amount of time counseling each other… and we still end up in riots by the end of the night.

Some of the epic problems we are facing right now like climate shift, like economic recession, like a corrupt plutocracy, to the first real global war on terrorism — they all require that we work together. At this critical junction more than any other.

If we maximize each other’s talents and skill sets, we rise. If we minimize each other, and we minimize ourselves with supremacist thinking, then we fall. This back and forth has been going up and down for millions of years now, if not many more.

When do we stop it?

If the problem is supremacy and competition, then the solution is to find values that are higher than all humans: like an entity more supreme, the big teacher in the sky. Logic. Reason. Love. The Universe. God. Nature.

Having an objective truth to aim for helps us come together.

Once we each see ourselves as brothers, or sisters, cut from the same divine cloth on the same mission; once we realize that we are all one tree, with a wide variety of fall colors, we will annihilate this bigotry and hate, and we will rise and transcend to the next level, just by understanding and accepting it. By reading it together from the same page.

The biggest change we can make is a simple one to ourselves. Drop supremacy and competition from our psyche. We are not competing for resources, but rather building newer and newer ones. The faster we do this together, the better a civilization we will build to hand to our children.

Imagine that gift for your grandchildren: a shining golden castle on each hill of America. With roads made of fiber optics and solar panels that not only recharged auto-pilot cars and trains, but they also recharge your laptop. Imagine a society of peace builders and teachers who travel the world building unions and strong bonds for the 3rd millenium.

We are only 320 million Americans of 7.125 billion people. If we can lead the world in changing this thought pattern, right now, right here, if we become the example of overnight change, then we will be ushering in the Kingdom come.

We would be shepherding the world in their development and excellence. Imagine how many technological advances and scientific breakthroughs we can make together by moving beyond these obvious fallacies.

Imagine the global marketplace we can build, and what other modes of international travel we can create beyond a jet plane or boat.

The way wisdom illuminates and rectifies the illusion is through the word. And from reading this and understanding it, feeling it, and by sharing it. 
It starts with you.

Every decision, every moment is the turning point. The goal is not to be better than the other person, the goal is to be better than yourself yesterday.

You don’t have to be perfect, but you can stop your thoughts of supremacy from becoming an action. You can choose to spread love or hate with every word or expression. You can say sorry. You can forgive each other. You can say hello and nod. You can choose to walk every step without jealousy and with mutual respect. 
It’s your choice. Just make it.

Then and only then will these riots be a thing of the archaic past.