I received one of those famous “No Caller ID” calls from DC last month. On the call my insider told me to pay attention in the next few weeks to newly-elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.
It seems, he was privately asked by President Obama to “pay homage” and “kiss the ring” of the Sikh nation on behalf of America.
I didn’t know what he really meant at the time. Then this happened today, as reported by Global News. Check out the video below.
Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he will offer a full apology for the infamous Komagata Maru incident that has been remembered as an example of Canada’s discriminatory immigration policies in the early 20th century.

So many people in America keep telling me what their father told them before, “don’t say sorry”, “don’t apologize”, whenever I do. However, in our Punjabi Sikh culture, apologies are the first step to forgiveness. They are also the first step in learning how not to make the mistake again.

Now, after watching this… after a long and exhausting day of work in the heartland of America, where the segregation is high and the racism is palpable, and the economy is slumbering, my mind is energized with the possibilities of the future. We are finally going in the right direction of progressive thought.

I feel hopeful tonight because it seems there will finally be a world of peace, of reparation, of prosperity for all those who have been shunned, threatened, bullied, murdered, and enslaved by racism.

As many of my friends know, I’ve been on a mission to find the roots of the racism ever since my father was murdered by a white supremacist.

Now, three years later, I think I found it.

The central problem of white supremacy, unknowingly, springs from all three of the major Western faiths: Islam, Christianity, and Judaism. Each was involved deeply with the slave trade and the “manifest destiny” of the ancient Mezo-Civilizations. Each of the Western faiths has taken part in building the current war machine that has been annihilating every other civilization for centuries. Each has fell to the fallacy of an imperialist agenda which should never occur on this planet.

Besides this, the major fact remains, to change the face of Jesus and Mohammed and the line of Abraham from dark brown to lighter shades of brown is obviously inaccurate.

How would you like it, if God sent you as a messenger to teach and train the falling world, and then when you died, the people you taught changed who you were and the words you sacrificed to preach? They even change your name.

IN addition to this, the problem gets even worse. To pit one prophet or teacher (“guru” in our language) against another is a major cause of antagonism between the three cousins of the West. Thus, they fight like cats and dogs. They annihilate each other. They bicker at every table. Obviously, it’s very uncivil, and the rest of the world knows this.

In Christianity, which is very developed, it does not get any better. To compare a man, Jesus Christ, to God is blasphemous and erroneous.

Yes, it makes us feel better about being a human — providing us an identity, or an “ego”.

But yet, the fact remains, God, most likely is not a material entity in the same way we see material. Rather, the Universal God seems to be a time-space continuum which can be described as an “experience”.

Thus, God is happening as a universal law of nature.

God is the first law of all material things needing a creator— past, present, and future. Atheism in this framework can never exist. God is far more expansive and complex than a mere mortal could ever know, no matter how beautiful the teachings.

Thus, it’s our lifelong quest, as long-lost curious students (Sikhs), to get closer and closer to this experience in a very congruent way. In the East, because we know our “atma” or “soul” energy never ceases to exist, just like Einstein proved with only thought experiments, we have theorized the multiple material life time approach.

Simply put, you don’t fully die, when you die.

Therefore, when you pass through the tunnel of light, your next stop is the new world of a new birth somewhere in the Universe. Because your memories are almost all lost in the past physical realm, you are born like a blank tablet (“tabla rasa), ready to learn more, until you pass again. This cycle has been deciphered by our thousands of teachers, like the Shakyamuni Buddha, as the kharmic rebirth chart. From birth to death in many quintillion lifetimes we never stop learning. The gems of knowledge we aim to collect are absolute truths so we may be fortunate enough to share them with our other intergalactic families. Thus, we are students (“Sikhs”) everywhere in the universe.

To deny God the glory of being the One is to deny the truth. Thus, for many Eastern thinkers, Christianity is polytheistic — creating multiple venerations of mankind to replace the love and admiration required for true worship to the One.

Personally, and through my Vedic teachings, I like to believe that we, as humans, have a spark of the Divine, somewhere deep inside that keeps us all eternal. We can find or experience this understanding through meditation or flow consciousness like dance, sports, or lovemaking.

For us, meditation is NOT prayer.

Prayer is a direct conversation with the divine, so we use it very sparingly.

Meditation is the listening for the divine, especially, the presence of the One in the Earth along with the gravitational and solar waves. All children learn to listen first before speaking, and thus, meditation is the act of acute listening.

Quiet mind, body, and breath to connect — to learn patience, focus, and to tap the “higher self”.

“Lower self” and “higher self”, and of course, “no self” are concepts that are well studied in the East and the West. Together, our sciences combined would make huge strides on all things healthy.

Today, in honor of the Vasaikhi season of rebirth, Justin Trudeau, the Prime Minister of one of the leading Western nations of the world — Canada, apologized for what could be deemed by many as a small indiscretion.

Doing this — he put his flock on a better path to listening for the Truth.

Va-sa-kee is our spring festival that signals the Punjabi New Year because the storehouses of grain, rice, and honey will be looted for parties, and more will be planted soon. It aligns perfectly with the return of the Sun because as we traveled East out of Egypt, we were able to be One with the Sun longer in the meditations that were taught to us.

When Justin tasted “the Eucharist” of the Sikhs, the praashad, a brown pudding made of ghee, sugar, and the beautiful Golden wheat of the Himmalayas, he must have realized the body and blood of Christ was sweet like the eternal optimism of the Universe.

As the prashaad went down warm, as he sat in the sacred lotus, spine to Earth, I pray, his enlightenment quickened and blessings fell on top of his head like rose pedals.

May the rest of the shepherds of the world follow his lead. May each apology be met with forgiveness, wisdom, and reparations forward. Our time to unite is now. Our battle cry, like the many million progressive prophets before us, is the same… the golden rule: Love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Whenever, we put our hands together in prayer, as a form of greeting, Eastern people are telling you that we see the “God” in you.

Don’t take this literally because there is only One God.

Instead, return it to them, just like they return your head nods.

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