TRUTH BOMB dropped On BBC By British Ambassador Goes Viral

Amar Singh Kaleka

Everyone should be sharing this around the world.

Point #1. Nobody is interviewing the Ambassadors to Syria from their respective countries. That should be, at least, one day of airtime dissecting what each one is saying. Here on BBC, they almost tried to run this guy off when he started spilling the beans.

Point #2: Everyone is taking all sorts of ad hoc opinion from people on social media, news, and puppet politicians, on payrolls who have warmongering agendas. Stop it. They aren’t that cute.

Point #3: nobody in the world but gullible and prideful conservative Americans (even if they are cloaked in progressive or liberal sheepskin) are falling for this.

Point #4: I left, after 3 years, the Army ROTC program whereby I was scheduled to join my MOS — Military Intel as a 2nd LT, after taking part in the Special Forces — Ranger School and Airborne. Why? Because Bush tipped his hand on Iraq and 9/11. I play poker and can see a man’s tell. In society, it’s written in their history cycles. Even they might not see their own overt actions the same as we do. They are myopic.

I went, rather, to go teach astronomy, chess, and literature, in the same inner city that I spent part of my youth in.

So many people BACK THEN saw what Bush Jr. was doing. Every teacher. Every local leader. Every priest. Every educated person, and the conservatives of our time still took us to war and dismantled a democratically elected sovereign nation based on LIES. And now, we all have the karma of Iraq on us.

And these same conservatives (Nazis in the global culture when you compare them) elect the dumbest leadership ever. Always, they do. Bc they love penises and money. Seriously. Go hang out with them.

At some point, we all have to call a “duck”, a “duck”. Conservatives want to blame immigrants and people of diversity and the women who want to be in the job force, rather than themselves for the war mongering oil and military machines of Christian Righteousness.

Which by the way, if Christ was reborn, they probably already would’ve killed him multiple times in the Mid East (Mid West). And his sister, the female Maitreya Buddha. And the reincarnation of Moses. And so forth because they worship at the alter of unnatural truths.

I can hit below the belt here when it comes to unnatural truths, but rather I’ll stay high brow bc I’m lit right now after a little pink moon party.

They allowed Lucifer to rewrite their scripture and they won’t even listen to the corrections. Not even from their own bc they are full of DOGMA. And dogma has a root word; and it’s animalistic rather than divine. So they also have this karmic scar on their brows. You can see it in the fact that they can’t smile properly.

For those of you who can’t see that. You are either willfully ignorant so you can make some extra “cheeto” dollars. Or you are confused. Or just plain out simple.

Either way, you must take responsibility for our country bleeding cash to a faulty drug war, to multiple made up wars, and to the fact that your president is getting rich off your working back wages and oil prices. You should stand up and take credit for letting a good president down. And a bad president up.

And don’t get me started on the karma that accumulates from stuff like this. :-|

We, the average American, are the best tool in recruiting ISIS. As the former British Ambassador points out so eloquently: ISIS has been known to carry out false flags so the USA keeps striking. They want ASSAD gone, as well. Imagine what they will do now. They are laughing at how horrible this leadership plays chess. Bc we keep removing stronghold leadership in that area and replace it with a vacuum that ISIS can exploit and thrive in.

Why doesn’t anybody just tell it like it is? We, Trump’s USA (is Trump starting to resemble Bush Jr., yet, to you?) are currently fighting Assad (your new favorite punching bag) on the same side as ISIS, an offshoot of the Taliban, which we funded and created to attack us on our own soil on 9/11 so that we could go to war.

At some point, someone has to articulate this out for the American people. Even at the price of ridicule bc, it is the most probable truth backed by actual evidence. Not people’s opinion.

However, most of these people live in the Tower of Babel. Fake news. Too much info. Short attention spans. Even if they think they can read and write English. They can’t. Their literacy level is atrocious in the UPPER ECHELON of America. Thus, they can be so easily hoodwinked and bamboozled.

The middle class can NOT. And will not be hoodwinked.

In order to have intelligence, you’ve had to live a tough life. The opposite happens when you live a soft life and people do your work for you.

The upper elite, which is the false slave master who the Uncle Tom conservatives of our time hold up, are the very same ones who can be controlled by tiny corrupt cells of these fraternal orders with false white supremacy narratives and a fistful of sex and dollars.

And the middle class should be ashamed for not knowing how to whisper and speak gently in unison. Or voting properly.

They should be, but they aren’t bc they have rightful cause to blame the aristocratic Western nobility of the modern era who colonized, raped, marauded, stole, and kidnapped their way to power and riches.

And they still have control.

But what are you gonna do about it?

You poor thing. You most likely don’t even have the bravery and courage left to stand up for truth. It’s right before your eyes and you can’t pull the trigger and share. You can’t comment or like bc you are worried about your image.

You should be more worried about your karma and the day of judgment before you reincarnate. Bc right now, the blood of small children and the people of diversity is on a lot of hands.

This is the pivotal moment between war and peace.

And you might back down?

No. Not today.

Not now.

No more.




And fight back.

Peace is not free at all. With greater sovereignty, comes greater responsibility. Education and wisdom are just two of those things.

It is ONLY you who can make the change by spreading truth and protecting truth sayers.

Nobody else.

Please watch and spread this link. It’s the least we can do in unison.

Amar Singh Kaleka
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