Amar Singh Kaleka

America could successfully be divided into three nations and still continue on as the United States of America. Why do I say three? Because the Indigenous people of America have treaties that maintain land for themselves and the African Americans have claim to a larger portion of…

Amar Singh Kaleka

Let’s start with a basic premise: divisionalism is an old human trait of behavior. Classism, regionalism, agism, racism, the gender divide, and feudalism are all part and parcel to our very human need to divide the “us” versus “them”.

To be clear, as a survivor of racism…

Amar Singh Kaleka

There’s been an oversite in the legal dynamics of corporate law which has long been overlooked. In short, “outsourcing” office work is illegal. The argument is simple and since it’s a cout de tat to this practice, it doesn’t require much time to discuss.

In short, all…

This image is a rendering produced via 4000 computers and advanced AI. This is how the Universe looks, as far as we can tell.

If you take a moment to ponder the perspective shift from here to the vantage point of an Objective Observer, you’ll find yourself mesmerized for several minutes. Almost like you’re looking at the Mona Lisa.

Consider our Milky Way GALAXY being a fraction of the tiniest dots depicted here.

How small are we? Infinitesimal. How old is the Universe? Incalculable if we recognize the multiple dimension theory.

Where does that put your worries on the grand scale?

by Amar Singh Kaleka

Time trade is a true moral transaction. Commodities backings, based on prediction, are not. Time is finite and has limits. Predictions do not. Destabilization, inequality, and imbalances will continue to exist indefinitely with prediction, but not with TIME.

Commodities predictions ( gold, silver, petro, etc.) are…

Just a year ago, in late February 2017, sitting under the modern Bodhi Tree, in India, I meditated to God, asking for guidance in what seems to be a society losing compassion and love for one another. This isn’t the first time this has happened under this tree, or it’s…

That’s why in 1994, Reagan was a co-signatory (along with former presidents Gerald Ford & Jimmy Carter) on a letter urging Congress to support a ban on the domestic manufacturing of “assault weapons” such as semi-automatic AK-47s. Most definitely, he would have felt the same on AR-15s.

Modern conservatives and their GOP ilk don’t understand the foundation of the 2nd Amendment.

Currently, as it…

According to universal law, each human is born with the rights to sovereignty, free will, pursuit of happiness, and family lineage. No matter which country, nation, state, or city they’re to be received.

The most important factor in this, is society’s laws, culture, economics, and overall physical environment. We concede…

All of America is in the RED. Doesn’t this make us the largest RED threat in the world? Not China. Not Russia. But us. We’re only 4.4% of the global population, yet we own over 20% of the global debt. This map shows the debt per person (capita) per state.

Amar Singh Kaleka

Emmy® Award Winning Film & TV Director at Born in India, raised in the USA. Travels the universe to teach meditation and spread peace.

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