The explosion of the Online and General Training Bubble.

Have you noticed the amount of training services and providers these days? It’s ridiculous. From teaching you how to knit better online to showing you more effective ways of sending a tweet. It’s a lot to take in. Now don’t misunderstand me, I believe that this is a vital part of evolution, and that knowledge should be imparted daily, for the betterment of said field, but are we becoming less sponge-like and more sieve-like?

Is the over influx of knowledge on the same topic by 10 people being dropped into our inbox making us less affected by the knowledge? I believe so. I believe that, and in due progression, so many people are pushing out valuable content that it’s getting lost in the mess of good content we get daily.

If this sounds like your business, let me give you my 3 tips on how to stand out more.

  1. Approach people in real time. Get them on the phone or send them a personal message with a call-to-action specific to their (possible) needs.
  2. Send them a free piece of your service. Have a new e-book? Have a solid way of giving them immediately actionable tasks to achieve a result?
  3. Make it all more personal. Give them what they want, not more spam. Ask them for a referral. Ask how you can serve them better?

Check out to see more ways we do it everyday.