400 Years of Silence

By Armen M.

There’s a time to start, to end but also a time to back off. That means it’s going to be out of your control. As of today, I have this feeling that I should back off and let God do the fight. I have a hard time to decide whether I should make the choice or not but that’s not even the important part of the story.

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400 Years of Silence

The time before He sent His Son, a silence of 400 years had taken place. I think that the people of that time were terrified because it was a daily happening to have a word from the Lord. They were waiting, but not receiving any word from Heaven. I would be scared too. Prophets were no more, not one who could explain the absence of His sound. Whenever there’s a silence for a long period of time—a big event is going to take place.

Kings always asked the Lord if it was right to go to war, mothers prayed for a son, and fathers taught the Commandments of the Lord to their children. And God answered them abundantly. He guided and prepared them for the silence to come.

What leads God to be silent? Is it our actions, or have we zero part in His plan?

Many tried to understand what time God would talk again, some had eyes full of tears because they loved the Lord. But it was not meant for them but for us. Jesus came for us, then He ran back for them too.

Don’t be scared of the quiet

If God is silent at the moment, know there’s a big change coming to your life. Don’t be such a doubtful person, or worried, that won’t change anything. Instead, be thankful for the time you have. I believe, God has chosen a time for everyone to shine for Him.

I don't want to make a statement but more an urge to all of us to seek the Lord. I know, it’s a hard thing to do for many, but once you’ve got through the wall—The Lord will be standing there. That’s it, a wall between God and Us. We should pray in one accord to demolish that wall of lies.

The best is yet to come,

Armen M.

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Armen M. is a Designer, Illustrator (&More) from the Northern part of The Netherlands (FRL). He’s fascinated by the heart of Jesus + Launching this year his first book — The heart of God, A glimpse of happiness.

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