Being Blind For The Important Things In Life

By Armen M.

This is a common disease in the human society among us. Each one of us has the desire to climb to the top of the mountain. But as we reach the top, we start to become blind to some of the most important things in life. Things we love, people we love, and Jesus, the most valuable. We tend to forget about them. Is it on purpose? I don’t know. To see the flaws it is required to step outside the zone you’re in. Otherwise blindness will still remain.

Several individuals were blind in the Bible or seemed to see but were actually blinded by their own agenda. I think most of us may be blind to the fact that we have to go through a different kind of conversation with God than the world wants us to. We have a duty. To speak about Jesus in this world. It may be to one person, but we should do it. We are keeping Jesus to ourselves. And we’re wondering why there’s zero progress in our lives.

Jesus is not a secret to keep, but the reality to be shared. This world is on a brink to fall. We all can feel and see it happening in front of us. We have become spiritual blind. Jesus gave us sight to see what is important. Don’t neglect those things. I know, you have a dream — don’t worry about that, God will help you to make it a reality. But let us know this one thing, If we do His work, He’ll do ours.

I know, it doesn’t make sense to that fact I mentioned earlier, but it is how it rolls. Sure, God is not in need of anything. But we can help spread the good news among us. We have the light, we are the light, we know the light. Let us be.

The best is yet to come,

Armen M.

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— Armen M. is a Designer — Artist (&More) from the Northern part of The Netherlands. Captivated by the heart of Jesus.