He is closer than you know

By Armen M.

Do you remember when Jesus warned the disciples to be awake and pray? but they fell asleep during the absence of Jesus. He didn’t go that far away from the disciples. But naturally it’s in the human, if he is standing a little further away, we start to backslide and fall asleep. There’s a time to sleep and a time to be at guard.

Past days, I know I have been sleeping. I have not been on guard. I have let the enemy come into my life — for no reason actually. Just because I didn’t feel like following God. Even now, writing this article is an huge challenge for me. I need to be real — that’s the reason that I’m late with writing. I didn’t know what to write about. It’s difficult when the source of my words is standing further away from me. I can’t hear Him that way. At least, I think that. But that’s not true at all. God speaks not only with words — also through your circumstances.

I feel like God is saying don’t fall asleep whenever you like. He knows our struggle more than anyone else in our life. Hard to believe sometimes, because we tend to lose Him as we walk. But losing him means losing everything.

If you think that God is far away, you’re been deceived. Because He’s near. He’s close. He never leaves. We think that He’s only close to us when he’s about to execute a big miracle. That’s kinda the sermons these days. How sad is that? to preach about someone they know nothing about.

I encourage you to change your thinking. He’s closer than you know. He loves you more than anything he created. It was void and deserted but He changed that with His word before He created you. He knew about you before the foundations of the world. That’s why He is preparing a place for each one of us before he comes to get us. It sounds like a far away miracle, but it’s closer than you know.

The best is yet to come,

Armen M.

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— Armen M. is a Designer — Artist (&More) from the Northern part of The Netherlands. Captivated by the heart of Jesus.