Run Back To The Moment

By Armen M.

Things are changing in my life, and not on a slow pace but fast. I’m not even sure what the hell is happening, but it’s happening. Lately, I found that photography takes a good part of my life and I adore it. Now I know the importance of just “doing”. In the past I intended to make stuff just to show, but things have changed, I have learned to not think much rather to make stuff.

I have started working on the vision of God. I’m dreaming big, but I should not lose my focus on Christ. He’s the main reason of all I do, make, or think. I have a hard time to go and separate myself and spend time with God. There’s so much chaos and noises around me. I can’t focus much, but I know, if I lose my sight on God — I’m going to wander away, and that’s too dangerous.

It’s like throwing yourself from high a bridge, not knowing what’s beneath. Making a decision to follow Him is important, but if we neglect the same decision each day, we’re completely faking it. I started to write less until I fully run into the arms of God.

It’s easy to find hope for a moment but to find something that could save your life and to refuse it, is like getting the death penalty. Keep the word of God, don’t be so shy to approach Him. He’s there, always — but don’t think that you’re under His protection if you knowingly sin against Him.

Run back to Him.

The best is yet to come,

Armen M.

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— Armen M. is a Designer, Illustrator (&More) from the Northern part of The Netherlands (FRL). He’s fascinated by the heart of Jesus + Launching this year his first book — The heart of God, A glimpse of happiness.

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