There’s No Such Thing As Luck

by Armen M.

Things happen for a reason, but most of the time we can’t understand why certain events happen. I have questions, but questions don’t decide my future. I’m thankful to be alive and well — because in the past I used to think that I don’t deserve it. The most dangerous thing to do is, having negative thoughts about yourself. You’re free, free indeed for Jesus said you are.

It was not luck that Jesus came, it was supposed to happen — He couldn’t sit on His throne and watch you fade away into the darkness. It was not luck, that Jesus died on the cross. The Jews thought it was — They thought they got rid of Him. It was not luck that Jesus rose from the dead, for He couldn’t wait to see you. It was not luck that He gave the Holy Spirit, He needed to cleanse you before He welcomes you in Heaven.

Sometimes I wish I could be the person God intended for me. But that’s such a high goal when you’re focusing on to be instead of fixing your eyes on Him. And that’s a big problem in many lives, including myself.

We try to fix ourselves, we become different because we’re not ourselves. God doesn’t want you to be — He wants you as you are. His plans go beyond “luck” and become “magical” the very second you decide to walk His road— His plans will start to unfold.

I have heard many times that I’m lucky — but I’m not lucky — I have the Luck himself, Jesus.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Armen M.

— Armen M. is a Designer, Illustrator (&More) from the Northern part of The Netherlands (FRL). He’s fasnicated by the heart of Jesus + Launching this year his first book — The heart of God, A glimpse of happiness.

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