What Are You Doing Here?

By Armen M.

Image from Unsplash ❤

Notes * 1 Kings 19:9

In the heat of miracles we tend to approve threats to flow into our lives. Elijah was a great prophet of the Lord in the old testament. He prayed for fire, and the Lord sent fire. I assume he was very close to God. But, Jezebel sent a death message to Elijah by which he fled. How can such thing happen? Is it because he didn’t trust the Lord to solve his problems? I wish I could know his thinking at the heat of the moment.

The significant part of his runaway is not about him though. But how God reacts to the situation. I would assume God could have replied to his fears more detailed. But the only thing he said was: What are you doing here? Wait what…? Don’t you know God? Someone is trying to kill me! I don’t have a job anymore, I have lost my loved one, I have failed my exams. We are so good at telling God how we failed, how we are in need of something. We flee and try to hide. Elijah prayed to die but God won’t answer to prayers like that. It’s not possible to flee. It’s not possible to ignore God.

Often, I tried to flee from problems, to avoid difficult conversations. But God won’t tolerate our behaviour. He will reply someday, with a question. You know what? We will tell him exactly the way Elijah did. Bla-bla-bla. But God will ask again.

After you’ve had enough talk, he will then give you instructions what to do next. For me, I can’t flee from his calling. You too. There’s no way to avoid problems by running away. The only way to deal with stuff, you should go right into the core of the problem.

If you have been running away, start running back because God has so much in store for you. God can’t bless you if you stay where you are. You need to move. He loves you and is not wanting you to miss the adventures of your calling. People are waiting to hear what you have to say. People need more humans like you who love Jesus.

The best is yet to come,

Armen M.

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— Armen M. is a Designer — Artist (&More) from the Northern part of The Netherlands. Captivated by the heart of Jesus.

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