After building my first React Native app, I’m now convinced it’s the future.
Taylor Milliman

Thanks for posting this. I agree that React Native isn’t going anywhere, but I do have some thoughts/concerns.

It’s worth noting that ReactNative code doesn’t actually get compiled into iOS/Android native code. It simply gets packaged as a JS bundle.

It’s also pretty cool that you can push updates to your app without having to force users to download updates themselves using something like CodePush. :)

I developed my very first mobile application (ever) in React Native just a few weeks ago. I spent nearly 16 hours a day, 6 days a week, for a month. What we were able to put together in that time was nothing short of astounding (simply because it was highly ambitious and utilized lots of hardware telemetry to do things that you wouldn’t expect JavaScript to do).

So…the things I was able to do with React Native would sound insane to your average JS developer, and I was thoroughly impressed.

That being said, it’s still the Wild West of development frameworks. It’s still highly sensitive, buggy, and sometimes poorly documented (when it comes to things like conventional patterns around integrating CocoaPods, pulling in and using native hardware bridges for things like the accelerometer, magnetometer, etc…).

Version sensitivity was a big issue for us, but we did manage to unspool it and make it work.

The community around it slowly ramping up, but we also had to fork and modify certain libraries for Native (I know FaceBook isn’t responsible for 3rd party libraries/packages) to get things working with the most recent distributions of ReactNative and XCode.

I’d keep a very close eye on what Microsoft and Google will be up to in this space. If either of those two organizations manage to offer an alternative is slightly more stable, better documented, but still similar enough to ReactNative to encourage adoption…then FaceBook may be in trouble when it comes to this particular space.

Either way, I’d continue to use ReactNative for mobile development since I’ve found my development setup/sweet-spot for it.