How To Get an Irony Boi To Like You

So, some problematic boy on Twitter has attracted your eye for some reason. If you are deadly desperate to slide into his DMs, follow these steps to be properly Irony poisoned

1: Lots of Hitler images

If there’s one thing that’s a staple in the Irony Boy’s picture folder, it’s a place dedicated to Hitler images. From Grinning Hitler, to Kimono Hitler, having a good stash of these at the ready will certainly perk up an Irony Boy’s interests

Be sure the emotion run from happy…
To Sad

2. Don’t stop at just Hitler. There are all kinds of images to use

From the pig pooping on it’s own balls to the Daesh dude with the big dick. There is an irony picture for every occasion. In fact, you might be able to start a new irony meme, which will surely slide a shitlord into your DMs

3. Condemn the brutal war crimes Assad has done against his people

Never let it be said the Irony Boy isn’t without care. If you don’t constantly talk about how Assad is bad, then you aren’t going to get anywhere with him

This will not fly

4. Have some good blocks

Being blocked by someone on twitter is a badge of honor for the Irony Boy. The bigger the account, the better it is. Bonus points if you get the other account to interact angrily or “melt down” first.

5. Fav, fav and retweet!

The best thing you can do to get noticed in the mentions is to fav everything the Irony Boy tweets, and retweet the best stuff. Even more points if you manage to get a retweet/fav ratio that is one of the “Irony Numbers” such as 4 retweets, 20 favs (420, the weed number). Be sure to screen shot it and @ the Irony boy with it. It will make his day and show there is someone watching out for the good content

That’s it! Even if you don’t get invited into their DMs or group chats, you can still have an Irony Boy follow you and maybe add you to a twitter list. Just be cautious as this means you are now a soldier of Irony and expected to go to war constantly over bad takes and content.

And always remember to smile, sweetie!


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