This conspiracy theory thing makes me paranoid

Any time I give a talk about certain events, there is always someone raising the same question, “but it is a dark scheme, a government plot, a vast unspeakable conspiracy, on account of this, this, and that”. The same question with the same arguments, pretty much with the same words.

Like they are reading from the same book. Like they have been carefully instructed. Like they have been brainwashed. Like they are agents of the same conspiracy. A real conspiracy, forget all the fuss about conspiracy theories.

Indeed, why do they all seem to sport the same haircut? And perhaps, or is it my imagination, the same pulse tattoo? Who do they work for? Who are they in the pay of? And then, are they out to get me?

Should I call for help?

Yes, but ­– whom?

Originally published at on January 4, 2016.

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