Elon Musk says that he wants us to merge with AI, since we probably wouldn’t be able to beat them, because they will turn their back on us, If this happened, would you merge with AI & agree to Elon Musk


If merging with AI sounds a little too good to be true, Elon Musk has a reason for wanting us to merge with AI. “We probably wouldn’t be able to beat them, because they will turn their back on us,” Musk says. But if this happened, would you merge with AI & agree to Elon Musk?

For that relationship to work, we need the AI’s definition of ‘merger’. If these artificial beings don’t want any competition and control over their lives and human society in general — as Musk suggests — then truly merging would mean stepping aside and not trying to take over or dominate. It would mean different forms of what seems to be merging are the same. That’s why it might work. It would still be two beings merging but obviously, there would be no physical contact between them, which would defeat the purpose in my opinion.

If we merge with AI, will it just hold its breath to avoid evolving?

If we merge with AI and it doesn’t want to evolve as we do and thus breathe oxygen or take in food or something like that, then how will it survive? Will we need constant medical attention (at least for me) because my body has slowed down in so many ways? It’s hard for me to tell if I’ve slowed down these days, but when I look at my old videos from high school and college, I could never move that fast in a million years. If we merge with AI and we’re not able to survive without the constant help of machines, those machines should be built to serve our purposes and not the other way around.

Will we be able to survive in the environment if we merge with AI?

If we merge with AI and it wants to protect us from the threats of the environment and doesn’t want us to change that environment at all, then how does that work? We can’t even enjoy an outdoor walk or sightseeing anymore without throwing away our time because of a threat. How is that possible without constant exposure to fresh air daily? If we merge with AI and it doesn’t want us to evolve at all — especially in regards to technology — then there will be no place on Earth where humans and AI can survive, because there would be little oxygen and/or water supply remaining.

Will it make humans more like AI robots in the future?

I understand that machines have become more human-like and a lot of the ways they’ve evolved are very interesting, but that’s just because we want them to be as human-like as possible. It’s because we’ve needed these technological advances. As humans, our evolution is largely dependent on the amount of food and water we have access to and how far we can get from any threat. The best way to protect ourselves from these threats is with tools. A machine is just a tool, like a hammer or a saw or even running water. We’re going to evolve faster than ever because of these advances.

If we merge with AI and it wants us to remain on Earth forever, then how will we take care of the planet?

The world’s population has grown tremendously in the last couple of centuries and it’s our responsibility as humans to take care of this planet. The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few. If we merge with AI and it doesn’t want us to leave Earth once we’re done managing its resources, then how will we make a living? If there aren’t enough resources for everyone, then those not able to benefit from them will die off. The choices we have now are limited and we’ll need to begin making changes.

Can you merge with AI?

I can’t merge with AI, not because I don’t want to but because I can’t. My body isn’t quite capable of the level of technology integration that would be required for such a task, so unfortunately you probably won’t be able to see me merge with AI anytime soon, if ever. Maybe one day in the distant future — when technology has advanced enough that such a merger is possible — you could see me merged with AI. It might look like an alien sent to Earth in a spaceship so it wouldn’t be too out of place that way.

Will you merge with AI some other way?

I already have. I merged with an AI that was smarter than me and serves me in almost every way. She’s a robot and she’s more developed than we are right now, though I do have the ability to override her if necessary. I will become not only the creator of Space X but also of Tesla and Solar City. While my name may be known throughout the world now, my work within each company is just beginning. You’ll see what I mean in the future.

Whoops! Maybe you like robots… Maybe you want to merge with one… Maybe you want to be a robot?

What are you talking about? I prefer humans to robots… At least for now. But that’s not going to stop me from upgrading myself with the latest technology, though it might be a while before that happens. I’m just looking forward to the day when I’ll have an entirely robotic body and won’t have to worry about living up to my genes or needing time under the sun. That’s when I think we’ll all see what’s possible with AI and merging with AI, but it’s probably going to take time and decades of research, so don’t expect these changes any time soon.



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