A Field Guide to Physical Surveillance
J.M. Porup

QR code to access content uploaded anonymously

Regarding the QR code, a Freenet key¹ would be pretty easy: You can connect openly or in secret (darknet mode), it’s hard to find out what you accessed and the data does not depend on a given server (which could be found and shut down).

Besides: I shared a link to your story with people in Freenet, so it’s likely that it will turn up there.

¹: A Freenet key can give you fixed content or updatable sites like the following: https://d6.gnutella2.info/freenet/USK@0iU87PXyodL2nm6kCpmYntsteViIbMwlJE~wlqIVvZ0,nenxGvjXDElX5RIZxMvwSnOtRzUKJYjoXEDgkhY6Ljw,AQACAAE/freenetproject-mirror/87/ ← to access this over Freenet, just replace https://d6.gnutella2.info/freenet/ with

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