Linkedin Hack: How I reached 400 clients/day with a Fake Account

At the moment, LinkedIn is the best platform for B2B sales. By far. LinkedIn knows this and monetizes it with Sales Navigator, paid advertisements, etc. After spending hundreds on our first campaigns, I started to experiment. Eventually, I found a way to get free LinkedIn ads and tons of extra (personal) exposure. The hack I used, is suitable for both sales and recruiting purposes and here’s how you do it.

The principle behind the experiment
The essence is to show something relevant to a potential sales lead that they want to know more about. LinkedIn Ads put your offer in someones news feed, which is a good start. But wouldn’t it be even better if you push your offer into someones’ notifications? This is exactly what I did.

I modified my profile into a landing page for one of our offerings (e.g. Corporate acceleration program) and added a clear call to action (e.g. Send me a connection invite for an introductory call). Then, I made sure my headline is extremely relevant to them before I view the profile of a sales prospect (In my case: “ Corporate Accelerator > Developing talent within banks to grow transformation readiness”). I know that they’ll receive a notification that I viewed their profile. Now, all I have to do is wait for their connection request.

A fake account: is that even legal?
I started with my own account and experimented myself into ‘LinkedIn Jail’ (see screenshot below). This ‘gray zone experiment’ taught me the details about LinkedIn’s algorithm to find bots. Apparently, LinkedIn locks you out of your account when you either open more than 400 accounts a day or when you watch way faster than a normal human would do. To illustrate: 300 accounts in 5 minutes is NOT ‘normal behavior’. Below the notification I received. I did retrieve access to my account, but I have to admit that I experienced a scary 24 hours.

My Virtual Colleague was born!
Optimizing a profile to one of our innovation programs was easy. But a credible CV isn’t the only thing you need to survive in the LinkedIn Jungle. No one’s going to believe you if you have 44 connections. That’s why establishing a 500+ network was key. It took Paul 24 hours. This is where Fiverrr, the $5 services site, came in. I bought a list of 12.000 email addresses of real LinkedIn users. These ‘I connect with anyone’-users are also referred to as LION’s (LinkedIn Open Networkers). The list (.csv file) is identical to the export file of your email contact list. LinkedIn allows you to invite them all together by uploading that file. In less than a day Paul Natters was born. Ready to become my virtual partner in crime.

How I automated the process of viewing 400 prospects per day
I subscribed Paul to his free month of LinkedIn Business Premium to take full advantage of all advanced search functionalities. Also, to make sure he wasn’t going to hit the commercial search limit. Finding the perfect prospects for your service offering is, for obvious reasons, not possible to automate. But manually opening all search results is a waste of time. So I tried using LinkClump to open all accounts on a single search page. Good, but not good enough. It wasn’t until I found ‘AutoPilot for Linkedin’ and Dux-Soup, that I was able to auto-view ALL of my search results. These apps run in the background, allow you to choose a maximum view count and then open accounts at random time intervals.

Did it work? Hell Yes!
First of all, the activity on Paul’s account skyrocketed to a lovely 326 profile views in his first week (First of his network!). About 30 of these visitors sent a connection request. The numbers were consistent in the following weeks: 10% of the prospects you view, views back and 10% of these viewers sends a connection request (depending on the specifics of your search, your headline and the type of product/service you’re selling). I messaged those that were interested via Paul’s account. When a sales lead became relevant to have a call with, I added my real profile to the conversation.

– Customers ask you to deliver them a service, not the other way around. (‘Push to Pull’ Technique)
– The smaller your offer, the easier your sale will go.
– This technique can be used for both sales and recruiting.
– Together with my colleagues, I have lots of fun with these kinds of experiments. Get in touch if inspired.We have an open position for an all-round digital creative/online marketer.

I skipped most details in this post, so comment (and upvote) if you want more LinkedIn tips, tricks or hacks on a specific part (e.g. Profile optimization, advanced search, creating a relevant network, sales follow-ups, etc.).