#PigGate is a little too perfect.

As a proud member of the loony left waking up to headlines about Cameron’s involvements in acts of beastial necrophilia came as an enjoyable change from the week of ‘Corbyn said something 20 years ago which, when decontextualized, sounds somewhat radical’ headlines.

But the aims surrounding these allegations have left me with a bad taste in my mouth- BUT NOT AS BAD AS THE PIG… AM I RIGHT!?!

Sorry I couldn’t resist myself. And that’s the problem. It’s too perfect. Too ripe for jokes. Cameron’s over privileged Eton boy affiliations have been the only chink in his amorphous, perfectly undefined, public image.

These allegations exploit that unreservedly. You couldn’t construct a better image tarnishing ‘revelation’. Social media’s flammable desire for scandal eagerly awaits a spark, regardless of its origins.

The source in this case? An unnamed ‘Oxford contemporary’ cited in an unauthorized biography, serialized by the Daily Mail, commissioned by a shady billionaire throwing a tantrum because he couldn’t buy his way into government.

Whatever the legitimacy of the sources this book has one purpose. It’s an attack on Cameron for making the surprisingly principled decision to hand out government positions based on judgement rather than corruption.

#PigGate will make sure he thinks twice before making that mistake again.

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