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UC’s logo blunder

The University of California is changing its logo.

Yes, the UC system had a logo—and now they have a new one.

I’m sitting on a plastic pillow, athletic pants under my jeans, a t-shirt, flannel, hoodie and

The three of us look down at the lava lake, rumbling and expelling…


Listening to Ben Dror Yemini speak, I couldn’t help but remember the first time I heard Israel accused of ethnic cleansing. In June 2010, a friend and I went to a San…

Swastikas in Davis

How to be a good Jew in 2015

When my father was a little boy in Poland, the streets of Europe were covered with graffiti, “Jews, go…

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How are people getting their information?

Writing on Israel, Palestine, and the ongoing conflict between the Jordan and Mediterranean.

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On San Francisco

Yes, I see the children

But so long as critics demonize Israel, progressive Jews are stuck in a bind

On Kaepernick, media misses the real story: Consent

The media should take this chance to teach their audiences about what sexual assault really is

There’s no excuse for the bombing in Boston: A response to Richard Silverstein

Blogger Richard Silverstein, who has come to gain quite a following in leftist circles, responded to…

Mark Zuckerberg doesn’t get newspapers

“There really is a place in the world for a personalized newspaper,” Mark Zuckerberg said at the unveiling of the new Facebook newsfeed.

Israel v. Palestine on campus

What follows is an article I wrote for The Ubyssey about why Israel is such a heated topic on university campuses.

The Savior of Palestine

Sitting at the front of the theater, slouching slightly in a crisp purple dress shirt and a pair of brown dress pants with swampy green pin strips, kaffiyah draped

Newsprint as a canvas

I’m at a journalism conference right now, which inevitably leads to contemplation about the future of the industry.