Awakening The Divine Masculine

Awakening The Divine Masculine

False-Manhood To Divine Masculine

It is concerning to just about everyone but more sensed and perceived by women that the manhood is something of ignorant or immature nature. The divine masculine is the awakening qualities of the god mind and not this reality’s mainly domination. It is pure love and creative energy that can externally shift the whole structure of this world. Once you become enlightened of the power within then you will also see the internal divine feminine energy is balanced inside you….

The Twin Flame Relationship: The Love That Awakens Each Mate…

Most new age men and women seek the twin flame relationship because of the oneness it brings when finding a woman that embraces both energies to fit with yours on every single level. It is one the most powerful forces of a love relationship between man and woman. They are both in sync and aware of their masculine and feminine energy.

They are one. The twin flame relationship is one in the same and brings all things to light rather positive or negative in each other. It more than just a match mate in heaven but more of a match with true divine love that transcends every dimension…

If you are out of touch with the divine masculine energy and don’t desire it then you will attract a relationship that orchestrated by false concepts of this reality through Hollywood movies or family up bringing.

Unlike your divine masculine, your average ego-male perspective character will attract a beautiful superficial woman that won’t be able to help you with your expansion and spiritual growth…

How To Go About Awakening The Divine Masculine Energy….

the twin flame relationship

First, You want to disconnect from false manhood. This is the norm of this reality’s idea of what a male is all about like chasing beautiful college women, drinking stupidly, and other male ego-centric things that keep divine masculine energy suppressed.Your divine masculine love is kind and like the feeling a father has for his son. You are being more in tune with your emotions. You can easy tap into your personal power to help educate, serve others and humanity.

“You Will Become Fearless And Inspiring To Others Because Of Your Influential Ability Of The Divine Masculine Energy” .

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The divine feminine energy within is nurturing, caring and internal love for yourself that bring so much energy to your divine masculine energy…..

The idea of male and female in this reality is false concept just like your social security number, therefore you should disconnect yourself from who you think you are to the awareness of you divinity which I go into more here….

If your a man looking to awaken the divine masculine energy inside then hopefully you take this advice because being a real man from an enlightened and higher perspective is totally misunderstood…

If you this information struck a nerve in you in a good way then I would deeply appreciate it if you shared this with others…

I empower, motivate and teach others how to develop their spiritual consciousness | Follow On Instagram @enlightenednetworker

I empower, motivate and teach others how to develop their spiritual consciousness | Follow On Instagram @enlightenednetworker