Eliminating Fear Of Your Spiritual Awakening

Do You Have Fear Because Of Your Spiritual Awakening?

I know your spiritual awakening can be a very scary experience. Maybe your trying to figure out how to overcome the fear and anxiety of what your family and friend’s think.

It took me a long time to come out like I do now. When I read some of my first spiritual awakening books, it really felt great. One book I highly recommend is Eckhart Tolle’s “A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life’s Purpose.

This book really hit me hard just when I was believing that there was no purpose for my life. It also helped me remove the fear and capture the understanding so much about the spiritual awakening I was having.

I even started reading a couple years back before on everything on psychic awareness to high magick in secrecy. I was hooked and jacked in for some reason but quit because I was afraid that I was going against god’s will for me.

Then a few years back had another spiritual awakening when I was homeless which is where I am at today….

I discovered god will for me is my own…

I started to realized that what I was experiencing was part of me and I am a divine being. You are as well and have other beings, archangels and ascended masters here to help assist you with the ascension…

Now if your afraid of what others are going to say and think when it comes out then you will be living in fear until some other type awakening happens just like I did..

I believe so because in your life you continue to experience things and evolve. Rejection of your spiritual awakening creates a different type of fear which can keep you where you are at mentally and spirituality forever…

How To Overcome The Fear And Come Out About This…

  • You must disconnect yourself from this realities systematic beliefs and deeply rooted family programmed ones as well.
  • Make a serious decision about letting the fear in your heart go either though meditation and visualize a positive outcome.
  • Read more spiritual books and invest in a spiritual teacher. You can watch my video coaching series which will help you…

My wish for you is that you overcome the fear and step into your divinity. If you found this to be very helpful please share this with anyone who maybe going to a rough time. I would appreciate it.

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