Why human make bonds ???
Bonds of love, bonds of faith !!
Bonds of friendship and bonds of marriage sometimes !!

Some bonds make them smile while others cry
Some bonds make them happy while others sad !!
Some bonds are for life
while others are just a moment long !!
Some bonds nurtures with time
Others just find their ways with time !!

Some bonds are precious
Others are just too delicate to handle !!
Some are complicated
Others are too happy to live with in !!

And sometimes bonds become unbearable !!
Difficult to handle !!
Difficult to stay in touch with each other
Difficult to understand each other
And at times, difficult to love each other
Worse, difficult to live with each other 
AND THE WORST , difficult to live without each other !!
Then why they make bonds???

Can’t they survive in their own space happily without any one ?
Or is it too difficult to live within oneself,
in peace, in eternal happiness, in their own eternal soul ??

Sadden but true !!
We live within such bonds throughout our lives !!
Some are such bonds which can’t be broken 
And difficult to live in !!

Such are human bonds !!
The materialistic bonds !!
The selfish bonds
The bonds for life
The endless bonds !!