UTILIZING THIS BREAK 101 - An Editorial by Aro Mubarak Temidayo (AroTM)

Necessity they say, is the mother of Invention and stringent measures must be applied to desperate situations - luckily, our lives is majorly determined by the choices we make, not by chances or luck, as you might have imagined.
I know you hate reading, same here ( you know as per the Lazy Nigerian Youth Whatsapp Group we all belong to ), but I’d make this brief and interesting as much as I can.

That brings us to the conventional disclaimer’s notice -
1. This article is totally based on the view of the writer, as no one is compelled to
follow it hook, line and sinker
2. You are reading this either because you’re being asked to or you stumbled upon
it somewhere, so you can trust its resource because it has been tested and proved.
3. You’re solely responsible for the choices you make, or the damages you create
after reading through this article, I’ve told you oo.
4. This article is FREE. (If you paid anyone to get it, get off your screen now and
dial 911 to order for the person’s arrest. If you are in a country where the police
do not respond on such orders, then go into the street with a couple of alcoholic
drinks and local weed, share it among boys on the street, when everyone is damn
high, tell them you need to deal with someone, then lead them to the house of the
criminal that sold this article to you, then beat him to pulp.)
5. Re-read no. 3

Aaargh! Too much talk; let’s get down to business, shall we?
Here, I have categorised activities that you can engage yourself in during this break getting the best out of the limited period into TWO (2) major and broad sections -

SECTION B. The Entrepreneurship View.�.

SECTION A - 27 FUN Things to do by Yourself: Self Challenges achievable
This subdivision is just like a free ride round the streets of Freetown enjoying free grace like a free kick (I honestly don’t know what that means), but what I mean to
tell you is - if you can set challenges for yourself and achieve them without any special help from any third party, then you’re fully prepared for the unexpected.
Although, they are exciting, yet educating, and yes A BOREDOM KILLER.

The 27 things you can do yourself this holiday, I have summarized into —

1. Start your own vegetable patch or a herb garden
2. Cook something that you have never made before.
3. Spend a day at a museum or art gallery.
4. Meditate - sit, be still.
5. Make a list of how you want to feel.
6. Have dinner at a nice restaurant.
7. Read your favourite chapter from a book you love.
8. Go to a Farmer’s Market.
9. Go for a walk in Nature.
10. Make popcorn and have a movie night.
11. Listen to an album from the start to finish without doing anything else.
12. Do a face mask.
13. See a film at the cinema.
14. Eat Vegetables without any inorganic product.
15. Create a Mixed tape or playlists.
16. Learn and ride a bike.
17. Rearrange your wardrobe.
18. Visit the florist and pick out a bunch of flowers.
19. Sign up for a cooking course.
20. Donate your old books and clothes to Charity.
21. Paint, Draw, sketch and write
22. Wake up early to see the sunrise.
23. Go Somewhere in the City�

24. Go to a Party and dance like crazy
25. Travel or do a Day Trip
26. Take a Photo to depict each hour in your day.
27. Make a Gratitude List.
Make sure you copy these things somewhere safe you can always look back too
anytime you need a review!!
And certainly, I’d want you to ANTICIPATE the next section, which is somewhat more professional, insightful and stern.
…Aro Mubarak Temidayo – Photographer
and Story Teller!! (MMXVIII)�