Topic Proposal Rough Draft

After careful consideration I have decided that my topic to research for this year will be regenerative medicine. I have chosen this topic because it is incredibly facinating, controversial, and its very continous. Regenerative medicine is one of the most amazing things that the human race has invented. It deals with fixing damaged cells, tissues, and organs in order to regain normal function. It allows us to do things that we never imagined possible. However, it drags along many ethical and moral issues. Most regenerative medicine deals with the use of embryonic stem cells to achieve the regeneration. The pluripotency of these cells is what makes them so magical. Unfortunately, many believe it is immoral to use embryonic stem cells because it leads to the destruction of a human embryo. Although, the most common way to obtain these cells are through embryos they are allowing us to do amazing things! So far we have been able to do various things like repair certain damaged organs, treat bone marrow diseases, and immune disorders. Aside from that, scientist are currently -with the help of stem cells- trying to grow a full human organ in a host body like a pig. If they are succesful in doing so many lives will be saved and the phase of medicine will change forever. This field of medicine opens up so many doors to the success of our species. Thus far it has allowed us to live longer, treat more disease, and soon be able to have organs without necesarrily needing and organ donor.