Hungry & Humble Apparel

Nate Leisenring is a senior biochemistry major at the College at Brockport. He started up his own clothing brand in July 2015 with two of his closest friends, called Hungry & Humble Apparel (H&H for short). In his spare time he also enjoy playing music and is involved in a couple of jazz bands/groups here at Brockport. Fashion and design is something that he more recently started a few years ago and has become one of his many passions.

Every day Nate has to drive 25 minutes to campus from Greece, NY where he resides. Although he has a two hour gap in between each class, he usually stay on campus the entire day. After class he has to attend band rehearsal where he plays the saxophone or he goes to the gym for a full body workout. In other words he is never stagnate. Once his school day is complete he has drive back to his hometown to go to work for six hours where he restock shelves at Lowe’s Home Improvement.

Below is a video of H&H creator further explaining his brand and goals:

As you were able to see in the video above Nate is unlike your every day 21 year old college student. Since he was a teenager at Greece Olympia High School where people used to pick on him for what he whore, he has always been busy and trying to better himself whether it was mentally or physically. With everything on his plate, it is easy for someone to lose focus on priorities at such a young age but not Nate. He has only found a way to progress and propel himself forward in life. Although he has his team that helps him with the promotion part of the business and some of the planning, the designing and shipping of the products is all him.

Below is a 3 minute video of him discussing the designing process and the way people can order some of his products, network and keep up with the latest products:

After college Nate plans to attend the military where he received a scholarship and continue to build his brand Hungry & Humble.

If you want to follow the growth of the brand and Nate you can follow them on Instagram and twitter at :

“Look good, Feel good, and, most importantly, stay Hungry & Humble”