Autumn approaches…

Here’s another landscape scene I painted in Photoshop. I’ve been trying to push myself to paint something different, and to learn more. I’m trying to break away from my safety bubble :)

I’ve been watching speed painting, and looking at tutorials as well as various inspiring artwork lately and I painted this last week. For this, again, I was very much inspired by the wonderful @elioli-art! They have always been so awesome and helpful! Elena and Olivia share progress posts so others can see how they approach creating artwork, show how they use their brushes (both traditional and digital media!) and even tips on how they color and such.

I also saw a really cool speedpaint by Lois Van Baarle on her instagram where she painted a landscape with water, grasses, and lillypads. I think I’m starting to find it easier to connect ideas i see in my head with the drawing tablet. It’s tricky because I always obsess over details and worry about the little things instead of conveying mood and feeling with light, color, and broader shapes.

Blocking things out very roughly is becoming helpful. I originally was going to have a pond in this one but the farther along I got, the less I felt it fit.

And yes, that’s my cat Millie :3 I can’t wait for Halloween, amirite @sixpenceee?

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