It’s all about the email server? Really??

By Aronymous

We have two flawed candidates — that’s the meme. You are selecting the lesser of two evils in November, you hear again and again. It’s called “equivalency,” and it is relentlessly beaten into the minds of the electorate every day, every week, every month. For over a year now.

One problem though: I am writing from Europe, and we do not understand what in the world is going on. Not a clue. Go out on the street and speak to a random person. He or she will tell you: don’t know, no idea, don’t get it — not in a hundred years. It is as though you were telling us: yes, one side is bombing hospitals, stealing millions from the old and infirm, killing puppies; BUT: the other side didn’t flush the toilet properly, and consistently failed to water the plants. And people accept that?

I cannot provide a full list for the Trump side — it would take pages and pages, and you’d be gone before I got anywhere close to the point of this article. I present just excerpts, a list of the most incredibly disqualifying things. At the end, to balance things off, we have Hillary’s failings. As I said: it’s called equivalency.

These are some of the things Donald Trump has on the chalkboard.

Birtherism — for years Trump devoted all his time and climbed into the political spotlight by trying to cure the deep trauma of so many conservatives: the presence of a black man in the White House. For them and him that is an abomination of biblical proportions. He tried, unsuccessfully but with dogged determination, to prove that Obama was not an American.

Mexicans—he started his presidential campaign with the declaration: they are rapists and criminals, being sent over by the Mexican government to fill the US with dangerous people. He wants to deport ten to fifteen million Mexicans, dragging them out of homes, tearing families apart. Americans can see how they will get on without child caretakers and agricultural workers, they can do room service and clean the streets themselves.

Wallerism — Trump is going to build this giant thousand-mile wall, 55 feet high, on Thursdays, or 65 feet on Fridays, or 45 feet in February (the Washington Post tracked its varying height). And he’s going to get Guatemala to pay for it, or Mexico, or somebody. That will be easy peasy, like how you guys got the drug lords pay for the helicopters and the police forces used to hunt them down.

Radical Islamic terrorism — what should you do when, for the first time in history, more Americans are being killed by Islamic driven terrorist atrocities than by TV sets falling off cabinets? Or rather: what is the worst thing you could do? Declare war on the 99.99% of people who are not involved in the terror, who deplore it and are deeply embarrassed by it, and who are the only ones who can do anything about it! We must drive these people into the fold of the perpetrators. Trump is the most valuable recruitment tool of ISIS.

Ban Muslims — all of them, from entering the country. Which means break off trade and economic ties with 1.6 billion people — 23% of the world population. Radically. The Arab and African countries, Pakistan, Indonesia, Bangladesh — they will hardly let American business people enter their countries if they are banned from the US. But not to worry: Russia and China are there, ready to rush into the void.

Default on debt — he actually thinks you can solve the 20-trillion-dollar deficit by defaulting or renegotiating?? That worked with his casinos and buildings, where he could leave investors and contracted workers stranded with the debt, while he ran away with millions. Tried and tested, at least four time on mega-projects.

Taxgate — he hasn’t paid federal income tax for twenty years, after astutely losing a billion dollars in a fantastic financial coup. And Trump says that was “smart”. Which means everyone else who is paying taxes is stoopid, really, really stoopid, believe me. His tax plans would make sure that he would save millions for himself (not billions — he doesn’t have as much as he claims) and for his richest buddies. But it would cause trillions of dollars of new debt. Oh, yes, and he would lower the minimum wage — I kid you not.

Kill-Hill—the fatwa delivered by Trump, and by others at the Republican convention, is: the legal system is broken and corrupt, it has covered up Hillary’s crimes for thirty years. The election is rigged. So we must take the matter into our own hands. Tens of millions of people, mostly second amendment gun-owners, have received the message, and it is clear that there will be some deranged individuals who might actually try to act on Trump’s exhortations.

NATO — he is actually willing to dismantle the most successful military allegiance in history, or allow it to disintegrate, in case countries like Lithuania and Hungary fail to fully pay their bills. The signal is clear: Moscow, you can have these paupers, we offer our “protection” only to countries that are willing to pay up. Godfather explains the mechanism perfectly.

Moscow — this is perhaps the most disturbing: he has vast business dealings with Russia, and Putin and Co. clearly have a firm grip on him. For the first time in history Russia is taking a direct and active role in a US Presidential Election — assisted by hackers and Wikileaks, would you believe it?

Nukes — he advocates Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia getting nuclear weapons, to save money. He has asked why the US should not use nukes, since they have them. Shiver!

I’m running out of steam (and space) listing all the despicable things he has said and done, openly and without the slightest restraint. Thomas Friedman tried to summarize it in a terse paragraph in the New York Times.

Trump has “denigrated the handicapped; trashed all our recent trade agreements; insulted the whole presidential selection process by running for the highest office without doing a shred of homework; boasted of grabbing women by their genitals; vowed to prosecute his campaign rival if he got elected; threatened to curb the freedom of the press; insulted the parents of a slain Iraq war hero; been accused by eleven [right now twelve] women of sexual assault or other unwelcome physical advances; sought to undermine America’s electoral system by claiming it is “rigged”; and been cited for lying about more things more times in more ways on more days than any presidential aspirant in history.” [The New York Times]

Now we must turn to Hillary Clinton. She is of the most corrupt politicians in living memory, a criminal who should be in jail (and will be put there if Trump is elected). She is every bit as bad as the Republican candidate. Her main crime is: Hillary used a private server for her private emails!

That’s basically it. Maybe some classified information slipped into her private emails — maybe. The account could have been hacked — could’ve. Was any serious damage done? No, none we know of. But the nation was in grave danger. That’s the 1½-year meme, drummed into the electorate, by the Republicans and the complicit media.

Try saying that in Europe, or any Western country. He has done all of the things listed above, but she committed the unspeakable crime of using a non-government server for her private email (just like Colin Powell, John Kerry, Chris Chistie, Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Martin O’Mally, Gregg Abott, Bobby Jindal, Sarah Palin, Ashton Carter and Karl Rove). And that is what the American people really care about — not the petty stuff by Trump. I can hear his extension: people are also saying she used a password without numeric characters and special symbols, making it unsafe and endangering the entire nation, believe me, the entire nation. Endangering the entire nation. Lots of people are saying that, you better look into it, I’m telling you. Bad password, a very bad password. Sad.

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I love this Sorensen cartoon which depicts how we in Europe regard the American electorate: they ignore all the things Trump has said and done, all the depravity — because at least he did not use a private server? Emails, that is the most urgent concern of the American people. It’s not the economy, stupid!

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