Awareness how to Shape your future:

Finally we got the opportunity to implement “Amal” Principles and all the other concepts that we have learned in the Fellowship till now.

It was very difficult for us to choose one social cause as we have so many issues in our society but after so many discussion we have decided that this the chance for us that we can help and make a small contribution in what Amal is doing and we really want to play a some part of services that Amal providing through this project.

Most of the people do not know what they want to do in their lives, which goals they want to achieve. Every year millions of people graduate university and start looking for jobs. What people need to do when their university does not fulfil them? People just need to figure out what they are missing? so, they need to know how they can equipped them in the journey from the completion of degree to the career.

“Don’t wait for someone on a white horse to save us. Instead, turn to the leader in the mirror. Tap into your own potential, because the world desperately needs you. And that means daring to take risks and to fail, as many times as it takes along the way to success and more important, to remaking the world and leading the change.”

As Amal is all about taking actions and taking initiative and it’s time to take action time do it practically what values Amal has create in us. In our country, unemployment is a major cause and it’s not possible that it can be reduced in a target time limit but we have decided to create awareness in the youth how they can go extra mile to get their job and how they can align with their passion.

After the discussion we come to the point that finally we have found the right way to get everything that we were expecting to get from our universities, from our day to day experiences. For us this wasn’t easy, but we will give our best to make others life a bit easier. So, our mission is to help the youth how they can build their career.

Here we go…..!!!

Here are the main objectives we want to achieve:

  1. Improve the ability of public employment services to provide career guidance.

2.)To aware youth how they can demonstrate integrity.

3.)To rises the awareness in youth that have will and opportunity to make a change in society.

4.)Employment-related awareness, so that youth can able to acquire skills and secure jobs.

5.)To aware the youth that they are the one who can really make a change in their career life.

6.)To aware the young people on taking proactive role.

Amal is the platform for young people to discover and develop their potential.

To clarify the core principles of Amal and will guides the association and all actions within it.

As Amal is non-profit organization and helping the youth in developing their professional skills, and their goal is to empower the youth of Pakistan help them in achieving their goals and building their careers. Amal gave scholarship’s up to 90% of their students. We are going to conduct a conference to make awareness and to convey the message to the youth that why they need to equipped for the journey of their career.The goal of this conference is to expand the knowledge, improve the skill, or change the behavior attitudes of the participants so that they will perform in their jobs more effectively. How they can equipped themselves for this journey through the Amal fellowship and we will also gave the certificate to the participant in the conference. and we will make this conference more interesting for the people by sharing our experience in this fellowship and how Amal gave us the confidence and developed our personalities.

We applied the Amal’s rule “Aik or Aik giyaraa hy” in order to achieve the best outcomes. We have divided our tasks according to the specialties of our group members that they have e.g.

Mr. Azeem going to take registrations for the conference. Miss Khadija And me going to take the overall responsibility of this event and and select speakers, Collect speaker biographies for their introduction. Mr. Zeeshan is going to take the responsibility of booking the venue and Contact speakers to find out about any special needs or requirements. Mr. Danish is going to advertise the event through the facebook, instagram,and other social applications.We will collectively convey the message that the conference organizers will go out of their way to provide a positive experience to all participants.We will collectively make an effort to invite the youth from the different universities.We will collectively arrange the compensation for speaker.